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Phone.com Review


Product: Phone.com
Type: Professional & Office

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on: November 1, 2017

Entry Price: $9.99/mo

Phone.com Review Summary

Small businesses and mobile professionals who want to go with a market leader with deep VoIP experience will want to take a closer look at Phone.com. Customize a plan to meet your specific needs rather than trying to fit your business into a phone plan.

Phone.com Pros and Cons


  • Unlimited Extensions
  • Mobile Office(Android) & Mobile VoIP
  • iNums (International numbers not tied to a country)
  • Voicemail to Text Translation
  • Inbound & Outbound Internet Faxing
  • Call Recording
  • Caller Analytics
  • International Virtual Numbers
  • TRUE Unlimited Minutes with Unlimited User
  • Conferencing for up to 500 participants w/HD Voice Quality


  • No True ACD Queuing
  • Only 1 included number – $4.99/mo to add

How Does Phone.com’s Shared Minutes Plans Compare?

  • ** Don't Use This Column **
  • $9.99/mo

  • 300 Minutes/mo
  • 4.9¢ per Minute
  • yes International Numbers
  • yes iNum Numbers
  • yes Outbound Internet Fax
  • $9.99/mo

  • 300 Minutes/mo
  • 4.9¢ per Minute
  • no International Numbers
  • noiNum Numbers
  • yes Outbound Internet Fax
  • $12.00/mo

  • Zero Minutes/mo
  • 6¢ per Minute
  • no International Numbers
  • no iNum Numbers
  • no Outbound Internet Fax

How Does Phone.com’s Unlimited User Plan Compare?

  • ** Don't Use This Column **
  • $24.99/mo

  • per user (any # users)
  • Unlimited Local &
    Long Distance
  • yes Unlimited Toll Free
  • yes International Numbers
  • yes Unlimited Extensions
  • $23.99/mo

  • per user (2 to 19 users)
  • Unlimited Local &
    Long Distance
  • no Unlimited Toll Free (1,000)
  • yes International Numbers
  • noUnlimited Extensions
  • $24.99/mo

  • per user (2 to 19)
  • Unlimited Local &
    Long Distance
  • no Unlimited Toll Free (1,000)
  • no International Numbers
  • yes Unlimited Extensions

Phone.com Pricing

Phone.com Plans:
300: $14.99 $9.99/mo
700: $27.30/mo
2200: $77/mo
2500: $85/mo
5000 $165/mo
10000: $310/mo
pay as you go 4.9¢/min

Unlimited Minutes (price per user)

Detailed Features of Phone.com

Phone.com was founded in 2006 in Livingston, NJ to bring innovative home and business phone services to the Virtual PBX market. With Phone.com you can select an 800 Toll Free Number, a Local US Number, an International Number, Vanity Toll Free Numbers, or even Transfer an existing Local or 800 Number. Phone.com is committed to providing outstanding customer service and listening to what their customers are asking for. This is evident in the features and functionality improvements you see released on a regular basis.

Setup/Installation FeeNo
Cancellation/Deactivation FeeNo
Free TrialYes, Phone.com 30 Day Free Trial on all Plans
Customer Service24/7 Excellent, In-House
(provided by company employees)
Included Minutes300
pay as you go 4.9¢/min
Overage Minutes4.9¢ if not an unlimited minute plan
Included Phone Numbers(Professional)1
Cost for Additional Phone Numbers$4.99/each per month
Local and Toll Free Transfer FeeFree
Vanity Number FeeFree
True 800 Number FeeFree - but not always available

What We Like About Phone.com

Unlimited User

An Unlimited User is a person on your account that has the ability to connect 3 concurrent calls and has unlimited monthly calling minutes. These minutes are not billed to your account, and can include calls made within the United States and to Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. These minutes include local, long distance AND toll free minutes. There are no limit to the number of unlimited users you can have and you don’t have to have a minimum number of users to get the $24.99/mo rate!

More for the Money:

Phone.com provides more value for the price. With their new simplified pricing, you can custom design a plan that will meet your specific needs – whether you are a traveling professional, home office, or small to medium sized business. These plans are extremely affordable, offering over 40 custom features at no additional cost.

iNum Numbers:

iNum numbers are international phone numbers not geographically tied to a particular country. Traditional phone numbers are tied to a particular country, so if you move you need to get a new phone number from a new provider. iNum numbers do not have this limitation and therefore allow you to keep the same phone number wherever you go. To learn more about iNum numbers you can go to www.inum.net.

Mobile Office:

is the first app to extend office phone capabilities to Android powered phones, and is available for both Phone.com Virtual Office and Home Phone users and extends all of the features of both systems down to the mobile device. So mobile users now get full office phone features like free (or relatively cheap) international calling, call logs, call blocking from both unwanted and unidentified numbers, multiple call routing options, professionally recorded voices for messages, background music during hold times, and integration of voice calls(and transcribed voice calls) with faxes and SMS text messages in a single mailbox.

New, Innovative, Nimble, Deep VOIP/Telecom background:

As mentioned above this company launched in December of 2007, after a 3 month public beta. This is impressive for any company, but when you look at their website, their offerings and services, and combine that with the fact that they provide all their own customer service, development and operations in-house, it becomes very impressive. This is a small, but deeply knowledgeable, technically capable, and nimble company. I think we can expect great things to come.

New voicemail to text email transcription:

Now not only can you get the standard .wav file of your voicemail delivered to your email, but you can get a text version as well. This allows you to read your email quietly in noisy places, or sneak a peak at your voicemail’s during meetings without having to find a quiet place to use your phone. You can also easily forward emails to co-workers without worrying about what exactly was said in the voicemail.
The feature is easily enabled and disabled. The first 4 voicemail transcriptions are Free, then it’s only 25¢ per voicemail after that.

Outbound faxing:

is now available via an easy “Send Fax” button, available on your extension page in the control panel. Phone.com and RingCental are the only two in this space to provide this. We feel this is a big deal as it eliminates the need and additional cost of a traditional fax machine.

Unlimited Extensions:

on all plans. Combine this with the multiple incoming phone lines with Phone.com’s plans and this makes them a very affordable and attractive provider for small businesses. Get both a local number as well as a toll free number and unlimited extensions(future growth ability) at no additional costs.

Call Screening w/Call Tagging

With Call Voice Tagging you can assign a voice tag to either a phone.com phone number or extension. This can be truly useful in circumstances where you may have multiple departments at your company, that are forwarded to the same extension or mobile number. In these cases, it would be extremely helpful to know which department the customer was attempting to contact, prior to you answering the call. This would insure that you are able answer the call with the appropriate greeting – “Hello, ABC Company, this is Tim in Sales, How can I help you?”. When you tag a particular extension or phone number with a voice tag, you will hear that voice tag announced, in this case “Sales”, and you can answer the call with the appropriate greeting. If you have Call Screening turned on with Call Tagging, you will hear the following when you answer a call: “You have a call from [Customer’s Number] to [Your Voice Tag here]. Press 1 to Accept. Press 2 to Reject.” . With just Call Screening you will hear the following: “You have received a call to [Your Phone.com number] from [the caller’s true number]. Press 1 to accept. Press 2 to reject.”

Click to Call/Ring Me Web buttons:

Phone.com and RingCentral are the only two vendors that offer this functionality. You can add a button to your website to easily allow your visitors to call you directly from their PC.

Optional professional greetings service:

that allows you to provide greeting options about anything you want to communicate to your Customers or Sales Prospects. Possible Examples might be: Voicemail and Main Greetings, After-Hours Greetings, Special Services, New Events, Infomercial’s & Promotions.

Conference Calling:

Currently you get a local area code but calls do NOT go towards your virtual office minute. You can of course obtain a toll free number and forward the local number that you get with the conference calling (you can’t control what area code that local number is) but then Virtual Office minutes apply (but no other charges). I’m told that in phase 2 they will add toll free numbers integrated into the conference service.

International Virtual Numbers:

Phone.com offers local numbers in other countries! Say you have a large customer base in the UK, well that’s not problem, add a local UK phone line for only $4.88/month. No international calling rates! Now your customers in the UK can call you without additional charges to them, and reach any of your locations. Let’s say you have an office or employees in the UK that you need to communicate with on a regular basis, well now you can do it without charging up a huge international phone bill.

Call Voice Tagging:

This feature is particularly useful if you have multiple departments within your business that foward to the same phone.com number, extension or cell phone. The phone will ring and the recipient(not the caller) will hear an audio message(“Sales”, “Support”) that has been tagged to that call forwarding rule. With Call Voice Tagging you can be sure to greet every caller correctly.


Schedules allow you to plan ahead for days you will be out of the office, for when the office is closed for a holiday, or just for non-business hours. Each schedule allows you to set up exceptions for holidays, vacation time, or days you may just be out of the office. These schedules can be set up ahead of time and will automatically take effect when the time comes. Set up as many schedules and exceptions as you need.

What We Don’t Like About Phone.com

Ony 1 included Number:

Unfortunately with their new pricing, they’ve opted to include only 1 phone number as their standard – either local or toll free. However they’ve made it extremely affordable to add additional phone numbers/lines at only $4.99/ea/month. So we don’t see this as a huge deal breaker.

No Mobile App for Iphone Users:

Currently there is no mobile app for iphone users – only Android and Blackberry. Phone.com just recently released a native iPhone app to be used with their service. It is now available via the Apple app store.

Phone.com Review Summary

Phone.com has simplified their pricing and plans considerably. This now allows any professional or business to customize a plan to meet their specific needs, without it costing them the bank to do so. You will get great cutting edge features, unlimited extensions, unlimited minutes, and the potential for multiple phone lines per plan. Create a plan that suites your business rather than fitting your business into a plan!

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Christina is the chief editor at VirtualPhoneSystemReviews.com. In her spare time she is also a web developer and a small business owner. She loves camping, traveling, and all things VoIP related.

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  1. says

    Phone.com Review

    Ok well, I’m soooo glad I looked at this review site FIRST, before handing over the phone communications of my current start-up to this Phone.com Although I was impressed with the features and services listed in this review which help me decide who to go with, I WAS NOT so impressed with the the service I got upon my very first contact with them. Tried to call first time: On Hold for a long time with very unclear and shotty hold music. Then tried live chat: Again on hold for almost ten mins. before getting a message that said, “send us a email explaining what your contacting us about.” Really? The message gave the hours of operation for live chat on Sat. 11:30 am – 8pm EST It was 6:15 pm EST when I was try to use live chat. ?? Then called again: Finally… Spoke with a representitive. The agent spoke unprofessionally, did not listen to my questions and comments, was only intrested in telling me what HE had to say and finally I decided that I did not want this company representing me in any way. This is to bad as I had real hopes for them as qualified service provider. I will continue to search. Thanks Lynn for your reviews of these services.

    • says


      I am sorry for your experience with our customer service team this afternoon.
      I would be very interested figuring out what happened.
      Please email me directly at ari@phone.com and i will personally look into this.

      Ari Rabban

  2. says

    Phone.com Review
    Rating: 5

    Just signed up and was a bit too lazy to read how to do everything for the two numbers I received so I called them instead and received outstanding customer service. I kept joking with the guy that they’re losing money on me because I took so much of their time. They were never impatient and I’m set up beautifully for both numbers. People that whine about sitting on hold for customer service for a little bit to get helpful free support should get a life.

  3. says

    Phone.com Review
    Rating: 4

    We’ve been using phone.com as our business phone system for about 2 years. We have 3 phone numbers and many extensions. We use schedules, menus & greetings to route calls to different locations and cell phones depending on which office is open when, and where we want calls to go. We send our voice mails via email so we can respond off hours if we want to. Sure we’ve had our hiccups, but I’ve had great service via phone & via email. Only experienced one scary outage, but recently got a great idea from phone.com that alleviates my fear of business interruption during an extended outage. I recommend phone.com as a business solution as long as you have someone in organization who can champion the technology and work with phone.com to set it up to suit your needs.

  4. says

    Phone.com Review

    I have been a customer for only four weeks. They were able to port my old number over which is a plus. However, I have had a constant problem with outgoing calls. Randomly, I receive fast busy signals. The recipient of the call tells me later that the phone would ring multiple times, but when they pickup the line, they simply receive dead air space. Today, I’m told they are escalating my problem to an advanced support team. Uhm…haven’t heard ANYTHING from them yet.

    I called Customer Service to ask about my status and if I could talk to this department. I was told that they can’t help me because their website is down. As a new customer, I am NOT confident right now in maintaining a business relationship with them. I will give them one week to work it out, otherwise I will need to find a more reliable phone system for my daily use.

    • says

      Hi Susan,
      I understand you have a home phone service with us. Please let me know if you heard anything back.

      Seems like you might have a faulty phone adapter but i will let our engineers look at it.

      Feel free to email me with any concerns ari@phone.com

      Ari Rabban


  5. says

    Phone.com Review
    Rating: 5

    easy, very helpful
    used another well advertised company “M” but though very poor customer service never could get my number ported
    saw these reviews chose phone.com, since it had no upfront or cancellation fees
    lower min per month but more versatile for me
    when i called them to sign up, they initiated my porting request from wind stream, set up my account
    THE GREAT PART its all there in your account exactly what’s going on, quickly got to a agent for help
    granted a bit more expensive than “m” but phone.com has customer service down
    i can see my porting status when i log in
    very impressed i’ve been suggesting them to many
    unlike “m” where i got it same day at radio shack, a bit or a wait (documented by email and on my profile ) but well worth it
    also i’m using where the voicemail is emailed to me in MY CHOICE of format i chose mp3 rather than .wav, since i could import to my iTunes easier if needed
    i can not only play my voicemails from my iPhone without downloading
    I CAN DELETE directly from my email, SWEET
    “M” i had to call in to my phone and delete, very slick

    so far very impressed can wait for the porting, they tell me when porting is complete it will work just by plugging into my regular phone jack i wonder if i have to dial all 10 numbers like “m” even for local
    we will see

    strongly recommend phone.com

  6. says

    Phone.com Review

    I use phone.com and have for about a year. Recently the call quality and outages have profoundly effected the service as well as my business. I would NOT recommend Phone.com due to the constant outages and lack of reliability as a company and as a host provider.
    I like their online interface, but what good is an interface if I can’t get phone calls? What a shame that I’ve lost a lot of money and time using this system.

    • says


      Per my note below – I understand your frustration. I can’t start without simply expressing how upsetting this is for us as well and how we apologize for this.
      Our main data connectivity vendor had a major outage in Orange County CA yesterday morning (around 10am PST). Although we have back up providers their system did not indicate a problem which delayed the fail-over to our back up network. Once we performed that change most (over 95%) services were back and working within the hour, with the rest of our services restored within 90 minutes. We are deeply sorry for this and are working with our vendors to prevent this from happening again.


      Ari Rabban

  7. says

    Phone.com Review
    Rating: 1

    I’ve been a phone.com customer since January 2012. In that time they have been down no less than 10 times. Sometimes it’s only a minute or two, other times it can be over an hour.

    The downtime is completely unacceptable, but to make matters worse, their support is non-existent when they go down.

    I’m currently shopping other vendors, and would love your personal recommendations.

    • says

      I understand your frustration. I can’t start without simply expressing how upsetting this is for us as well and how we apologize for this.
      Our main data connectivity vendor had a major outage in Orange County CA yesterday morning (around 10am PST). Although we have back up providers their system did not indicate a problem which delayed the fail-over to our back up network. Once we performed that change most (over 95%) services were back and working within the hour, with the rest of our services restored within 90 minutes. We are deeply sorry for this and are working with our vendors to prevent this from happening again.


      Ari Rabban

  8. says

    Phone.com Review
    Rating: 1

    My experience with phone.com was very shaky with dropped calls, and some very strange billing. I was concerned when they said I must do Autopay on a credit card, and then was charge overage when I had their unlimited plan! But the worst part was attempting to cancel when I moved and no longer needed the service. As stated in other reviews I had to call “customer service” and wait about 20 minutes. I was given no confirmation letter, but the service was terminated immediately. That was 10 days before my billing cycle. Yesterday my credit card was charged an amazing $101.26 for the month following my termination. This was for a service that cost $22.81 normally. I was charged $64.65 for overage. Again I had an unlimited plan. Even after calling today (another wait for customer service) the website for my account says “Your account has been billed through 06/04/2012 and is set to bill monthly”. The invoice:
    Charges Total: $101.26
    04/24/2012 – 05/04/2012 Virtual extension: 500 – Linksys SPA-2102 $0.00
    05/05/2012 – 06/04/2012 Home Phone Plus unlimited plan $19.88
    05/05/2012 – 06/04/2012 Virtual extension: 500 – Linksys SPA-2102 $0.00
    05/05/2012 – 06/04/2012 Telephone number: (740) 881-9026 $0.00
    04/04/2012 – 05/03/2012 Additional usage $68.65
    05/06/2012 – 05/06/2012 Regulatory recovery fee $2.22
    05/05/2012 – 05/06/2012 FUSF (VoIP) $10.27
    05/05/2012 – 05/06/2012 FCC regulatory fee (VoIP) $0.24
    Again, I cancelled on 4/23 and have an e-mail dated Mon 4/23/2012 11:34 PM.
    I also was told today that “something didn’t seem right” Duh! However, I got an e-mail which says “Thank you for your patience in this matter. We have determined that your issue requires the assistance of someone from our technical team and therefore I am escalating this ticket. We will continue to communicate with you as we have updates.” This is not a technical issue; it is a billing and honesty issue.
    Bottom line, I highly recommend you go elsewhere, as I have no idea where this will end – and they have my credit card to charge whatever they want! I agree with the previous reviews that think this company is a rip-off.

    • says

      I was informed of your post and wanted to respond personally. I spoke to our customer service team and I understand there indeed was a problem with your billing. I was also informed that you were contacted and that you were refunded the wrong charges. I also know this was done before you wrote your post.

      We understand your frustration but feel free to contact me personally if you have any concerns

      Ari Rabban


      • says

        Actually Ari, I feel I was contacted in response to my review, definitely not before!
        “Wed 5/9/2012 1:57 PM
        I just called and left you a message and wanted to also respond personally. I see that we are encountering the same issue here that we encountered a couple months ago on your account and agree that this is unacceptable. I have been assured that the bug in our system is going to be fixed soon but am waiting for our engineers to make the proper adjustments to your billing.

        In the meantime, I have refunded the entire $101.26 charge back to your credit card and am willing to offer you 2 more free months of service if you would consider staying with Phone.com. If you still wish to cancel, I will cancel your account immediately and you do NOT need to return the ATA. Please feel free to call me at 858-633-0163 if you would like to discuss further.


        Jeremy Watkin
        Phone.com Customer Care”

        I wrote the review on May 8th at 10:56 PM after talking with your customer service. Later Jeremy further checked out my issues and found that I had, indeed, cancelled on April 23rd, fully 13 days BEFORE the billing. I trust Jeremy has this straighten out at this point, but I haven’t seen the credit hit my card as yet. Hopefully tomorrow!

  9. says

    Phone.com Review
    Rating: 5

    Thank you Jeremy
    Yes *9 blocking feature is working. It started to work on Monday morning. It is wonderful.
    I have used it each day a few times per day. I used it just this morning when
    a person called us threatening and swearing because he had received our leaflet “advertisement”.
    It is sad that people need to call when asked not too, or try and to harass when shouldn’t.
    but they do and I use the *9 a few times per day.
    The blocking feature and filtering calls are one of the most important part of my phone
    system, Thank you for working with us. I will continue to use Phone.com. Your customer
    service is the greatest that I have experienced, always friendly and ready to help.

    Sincerely kelly from Utah

  10. says

    Phone.com Review

    I signed up with phone.com for a couple of reasons. To filter out unwanted calls. “Blocking Features”.

    I am a new customer of phone.com as of Feb 28, 2012. been with the company about 3 months
    I have phone.com to filter out unwanted calls for my business to my cell phone.

    It was working fine. Until last Thursday when I went to block someone. The blocking feature *9 from my cell phone went out and does not work as of March 28 2012. It has been working just fine since the beginning of the service and now it stopped working and their is nothing when pressing *9 from my cell.

    I was getting a recording that said “this caller has been blocked” Now nothing. I called phone.com to see what was up and they said they would fixed on Thursday end of day. That was 4 days ago and still nothing fixed. I called back on Friday and they said the tech just got the email and they are going home and they won’t be working on it until Monday of next week. Really I reported the issue on Thursday.

    What the heck happened to fixing it end of day on Thursday. “What a let down” Now I have to log on to a computer to block a call. My phone number is in millions of homes for business and I get freaky people and solicitors all day long that call me all the time with the intent to harass our company.

    I need that quick blocking feature as soon as possible. If it is not fixed soon I will have to take my service some place else.

    Before phone.com I had spent months building a phone blocking computer inside my business land lines that forwarded to my cell and I was able to block instantly through Quest communications. I was not let down one time in two years of service.

    I then researched phone.com and made several calls to customer service before forwarding my business lines to phone.com. They seemed to be satisfactory in every way…

    I feel as Phone.com has let us down and failed our expectations of reliability of service. I understand things break and need to be fixed. I don’t understand why it was not fixed same day Thursday, or why The techs at phone.com didn’t work on the issue starting on Thursday when I first reported the issue. Phone.com customer service said they were starting to see others reporting the same issue.. Then when I called on Friday they said the techs were going home and won’t be back until Monday. Leaving me and my business with out *9 blocking feature over the week end. What the heck is with that?

    At first I was very satisfied with the service phone.com has provided to us. I used the service through the month of march and it all worked just fine. Just before phone.com *9 failed and let us down. I asked my Secretary to get the phone bills to transfer my four main business phone numbers to phone.com.

    I am not going to forward my main business phone number to phone.com now. I am going to test
    their service to see if it is ever going to happen again.

    I will keep my main business phone numbers at another company and forward them to phone.com and if they continues to fail us or have problems with phone.com I will have to take my business to another company and I don’t want to do that. I need *9 to work with out fail each time every time.

    If phone.com would had gotten on the problem and fixed it as soon as possible would have been nice.

    Now it is Sunday and phone.com techs have gone home for the weekend leaving me hanging with an open phone line for any person to call with out the control to block.

    On Monday I am going out giving estimates all day and not near a computer to block anyone and I will be getting calls from unwanted callers that need to be blocked. Can you say “HELP”

    I must say Customer service has been great since the beginning, they are all ways nice and they try to be as helpful as possible. I find a lot of customer service reps don’t know their own features built into the program at phone.com such as how to *9 block or *7 record 8*music *2 transfer a call and other things. That is a small problems that they will learn as they go.

    I have studied/learned the service and played with the online account for days and day, hours and hours until 4am in the morning calling and calling and testing and listening to recordings and so on.
    I was very happy with everything phone.com has to offer until my most important feature went out
    *9 blocking. “Now I am frustrated as: “well lets just say its not good” I would be very happy to see
    the features work again. I would recommend this company any day of the week.

    Mr Kelly

  11. says

    Phone.com Review


    Please email me – ari@phone.com. I would like to understand your issues. We have thousands of satisfied customers. We also have customers with problems. Lynn Rockwell who operates this site has an account with us and here account has problems. It is unique to individual accounts and usually due to certain IP network problems and not Phone.com specific.

    We appreciate constructive comments and whether we can help you or learn from your issues and help other customers we would appreciate it and reward you for supporting us


    Ari Rabban

    • says

      General comment from Phone.com:

      We appreciate constructive feedback on this site and others. We do find that in some instances comments are based on an emotional immediate reaction. It is human nature. but we also think there needs to be some accountability to commenting.

      Most comments regarding “issues” are actually isolated incidents. Many times have to do with broadband coming to the home or other home networking issues. These issues don’t affect any customer using our “virtual” service. We will work with any customer to address such issues and with customer’s permission gladly share it publicly.

      We also know that negative feedback comes out much faster than the positive (mostly silent) feedback. We all do that, whether with phone service, TV service or our airline. Visit our testimonial pages to read ONLY unsolicited customer feedback:


      – We are not perfect. We are growing fast and with that adding more and more upgrades to improve stability and improve customer service. We have open public communication lines on Twitter, Facebook and review sites like this one. Our customer service mantra is to always be transparent and work openly with all customers. Anyone who is not satisfied with the customer service they received will get management attention.


      Ari Rabban
      Phone.com, Inc.

  12. says

    Phone.com Review


    I’d be interested in knowing what kind of issues you’ve been having? We recently ported a local number and have had some quality issues, but have been working with Phone.com in an attempt to resolve them. It would be interesting to see if you are having similar issues.

    Lynn and the VirtualPhoneSystemReviews Team

  13. says

    Phone.com Review
    Rating: 5

    I’ve been using their small office service for about 3 years, and i have only good things. I switched to them from Vonage, with a small stop at my ISP’s service. My service includes several phone numbers, 3 unlimited extensions and 5 active and virtual extensions. I’ve setup several audio menus and they change behavior based on a schedule I defined (work hours and off-hours). I also used professional recording for outgoing messages, on-hold music and from time to time their text-to-speech generator for audio prompts.
    – Easy setup of advanced functionality, allows me to create voice menus, routing based on schedule and many more great features allowing my small business to strengthen image.
    – I’ve used the add-on services they provide to connect many numbers and extensions.
    – Excellent customer support
    – Great up-time. In the last year I had only one major down-time. Better than my experience with Vonage and my ISP.

    I’ve recommended the service to all my family and friends. Most of them joined and have also a very good experience. My wife recently added a service. Though she gets a service from her employer, she travels a lot and phone.com has great solutions for the mobile workforce. Since then she’s always reachable and can communicate with her global teams in every timezone.

    Bottom line, try their service without prejudice, and you’d love it. I’m very surprised from some of the comments here, you could almost think they’re talking about another service.

    • says

      Mr. Beeri, you and Mr. Arbel have posted very positive comments only one day apart just today. I note the negative posts dating from last July until yesterday seem to be conjured up defensively. Did someone at phone.com ask you to do this?
      I have service with Vocalocity that is overcharging me and I want to move to a more cost effective VPBX but am leery about phone.com, although it promises to save me money. I would like to know what prompted you to make this post. Thanks.

      • says

        If you’re suggesting that I’m paid for posting my comments, then… no… Let me ask you back, do you have any other interest (try not to take it personally , as I did)…?

        The truth is that I pay them more than $1,500/year for my small company and another $500 a year for my personal account (wife), my parents and brothers (whom I referred). I actually referred many good friends, and they are all VERY happy with the service. I’ll ask them to add a comment too, if you’d like. One of those friends, whom I recently suggested them, commented that he noticed bad reviews on this site and I got a little mad (made me look bad), and posted what i posted. It’s natural that angry people are the ones posting comments and as a consumer, I naturally tend to read them and give them a higher degree of credibility (especially if I see a statistical significance). Having said that, I can also imagine other market players, “playing” into this negative comments game for a competitor. I suggest in this case is to check before you make a decision. I’m genuinely happy with their service, and I truly believe people should try them.

        If I misinterpreted your question, and it’s indeed genuine, I truly apologize. However, if you’re looking for cheep service, as your sole criteria… you should maybe look elsewhere. If you’re looking on ease of use and flexibility in creating your own voice solution and an overall value for your buck, then consider them. In any case, I suggest you make “trial” calls to customer support with the different contenders, before making your decision, and see who provides you with a professional advice and who routes you to an oversees call center that you can hardly understand (I won’t name names but people know whom I’m talking about). Don’t forget to compare the feature list, they’re not the same… ask each company, they’ll be happy to provide you with that.

        I see that people complain about the service… Let me share a personal story with you. Outages are part of the VoIP game (I had them in Vonage and my ISP), most of the time it’s your router, or your local ISP service, and sequential boot of both modem and router solves the problem. I had a situation where I had too many of those in my home office. The customer support person walked me through, until we could pinpoint to a problem with signal coming into my router. And indeed my ISP found that my cable line, leading to the modem was creating noise (my contractor stapled them inside the walls… and apparently it erodes the coating of the cables)… It was a major crisis for me, but I have a very good impression on the way my ticket was handled and escalated (until it got stuck at the ISP level).
        Bottom line, as of now I’m very happy with their service, and if it changes, I promise to post an update 🙂

        • says

          Thank you for your explanation. I decided to try to reduce my telecom costs today and ran across these posts that seemed a little too coincidental…. glad you didn’t take it personal. It appeared to me that the posts were prompted… I did not assume financial reasons were afoot, just that I wanted to know the motivation.

          As it turns out, I signed up for Ring Central moments before I saw your reply, and am leaving Vocalocity. I am saving a little on the monthly charges and getting some additional neat features I didn’t have with V.

          I guess there were just too many negative comments for me to feel comfortable with phone.com. I found out they have a history back into the ’90s and re-emerged in 2007. I may reconsider them if Ring Central doesn’t work out.

          • says

            Wow… you’re fast then, I posted my reply as soon as I saw yours… 🙂

            So what service did you sign up for (how many extensions and numbers) and how much are you paying…? I posted my details… time to tell yours 😉 Although I have to admit that the numbers could be a little misleading, for instance, I use a lot of international calls including a lot to mobile phones to foreign countries which are more expensive (I chose them also after reviewing their international rates, after seeing they cover in the free level most of western Europe).

            I didn’t know they date back for so long, where did you find this info? .. and how do you manage to do so much research just on one contender? :-)… I wish I could…
            When I signed up with them they did have a different service, and they upgraded my system (replaced my box) some 2+ years ago, it actually became a better service, with much more functions, so whatever happened in the background, seems to have worked in their favor…

          • says

            E. Jennings, you did the right thing! I posted my review September 2011 after giving Phone.com an honest opportunity. Phone.com is an unreliable company with the same type of service. We purchased all high end computer hardware, modem, router and system. We started out with the fastest DSL available and our lag time was horrible! Phone.com told me it was our IPO. We cancelled the DSL and had cable (the fastest available) installed. It still didn’t make any difference. As suggested by Z Beeri, we did reboot our hardware several times. It didn’t make a bit of difference. When I called Phone.com, they actually told me to take my Phone.come system to a neighbors or relative house and try it! Unbelievable! I knew then I wasn’t dealing with a reputable company. I honestly don’t understand the “few” positive reviews. The service Phone.com provides is beyond horrible and how they stay in business is also beyond me!

          • says

            Looks like replies may be limited…. don’t know if this will be posted. @Beeri: As to how I got this info, Google is your friend…. as to my signup with Ring Central, they quoted me about $46 including fees and taxes, as opposed to $60 with Vocalocity. Additionally, Ring Central has more features that Vocalocity charges extra for. Finally, Ring Central’s customer management interface is more modern than Vocalocity’s. Vocalocity’s customer portal has a 60’s look, and that goes along with their apparent Enterprise focus. I am just a small guy (one-man shop), and they appear not to be all that interested in me.
            @Lorie: Thanks for the info. I have DSL also, and Vocalocity tried at least once to blame my connection speed until I explained to them that my connection was about 20 mbps, more than enough bandwidth for several VoIP accounts. I guess they don’t expect users to be savvy enough not to be b.s.’d. Looks like phone.com will throw that out there, too.

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    Phone.com Review
    Rating: 5

    I’ve been using phone.com services since 2006 for both my home and business. I’ve been using the system since the first versions were shaping up and not always perfect at the beginning. Saying that, after the system stabilized, i enjoyed a service which provides a superb audio and call quality, a rich and flexible feature set and for an excellent price.

    over the years I always got fast response in the few times I needed any questions answered if technical or billing related, and if there was any issue that even half-justified a refund or credit i got it. I used the online chat a couple of times and found it excellent.

    Since the system provides so many options and features, some are not trivial at first, but this is understandable and if a user would like to keep it simple, the default settings are working great, and you can always get assistance if needed to go through the initial setup of the service.

    When purchasing equipment from phone.com, the equipment arrives pre-configured, so all you need to do is plug it in, and you’re up and running.

    I would recommend ordering the HD voice equipment, but a fair warning would be that you’ll get spoiled fast as you get used to the sound quality…

    Needless to say that if your internet service is down or real bad it will affect the service, though you see less and less issues with connectivity these days. I can’t remember when was the last time I had an issue that effected my phone service.

    I use it a lot for international calls, and sometime the quality is not perfect, but I had similar experience with traditional phones with Verizon/ATT (not even mentioning cell phones…), so I would assume it can be also the far side service that affects the call. International rates are great.

    By now I’m using the service for my home and Virtual Office at 3 different services, over Optimum and FIOS, and I used to have it over DSL year ago – all worked/work great. I recommend it to everyone.

    I did try FIOS phone service for a little while when I got connectivity from them, and I canceled withing a month as from the call quality to the price phone.com gave me a much better answer. One of the business I’m involved in was using Vonage for a year, switched over and happier ever after (disconnecting Vonage was a nightmare BTW). Customer service with Vonage? or Verizon? ha…..

    The voicemail features are also excellent – getting alerts on new messages or getting the message via email and txt messages is working great and I hardly every use my phone to listen now. I guess I can go on and on about the features, as by now I learned to use so many of them to my benefit.

    I’m not clear about the negative reviews here – my experience is excellent, and I’m a heavy user of the system (hours/day) for many years, with some lines set up to do some complex functions.

    So to sum up, though I can go on and on, I’m very happy with phone.com service and find it an excellent solution for both my home and business needs, and way better in all aspects I can think of. if you have an issue with the initial setup, as the system does offer so many option, ask them for assistance, and you’ll never regret it.

    Enjoy your calls!

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    Phone.com Review
    Rating: 1

    My marketing is entirely dependent upon the 800 number. It is down all the time, and customer service either lies about it being down or claims to have solved the problem.

    (Although we are allowing this review, it has been edited by our staff – which per our rules we reserve the right to do. We will not allow reviews threatening lawsuits and/or encouraging people to signup for them on this site. That can be done elsewhere if people are so inclined to pursue it. Please limit your reviews to your personal experiences with the particular merchants services.)

    • says

      I am sorry you are having problems with your toll free number. We also reached out to you personally. There is no known problem and your number should work and our agents would be glad to help address any questions you might have.

      We pride ourselves with excellent, friendly customer service. We are growing and we indeed have been caught unprepared with call volume and needed to react and play catch up and add more customer service agents. We are working on it and improving both the response time and the the network infrastructure as well.

      Please feel free to contact us – i have provided my personal email address as well.


      Ari Rabban
      Phone.com, inc.