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RingCentral Review

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Type: Professional & Office
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on: October 31, 2017

Entry Price: $8.29/mo

RingCentral Review Summary:

Whether you are a home-based, small to medium-sized business or a busy on-the-go professional, RingCentral has a plan that will fit your needs. RingCentral offers three distinct products – RingCentral Office, RingCentral Professional, and RingCentral Fax. From connecting remote offices/teams to routing calls to any phone, anywhere – RingCentral will never leave you out of touch with your teams or customers.

RingCentral Pros and Cons


  • Business SMS
  • Call Park
  • Intercom
  • Unlimited Conferencing
  • Integration to SalesForce
  • Optional Automatic Call Recording
  • Mobile Apps – Android, iPhone, Blackberry
  • Free Implementation advisor on 2+ User RingCentral Office Plan


  • 4.99/mo to add dial-by-name on RingCentral Pro plan
  • $2.99/mo to add additional virtual extensions(on Professional Plans)
  • Eliminated unlimited minute Professional plans (must go to RingCentral Office for this)

RingCentral Pricing

RingCentral Office Plans:
From: $24.99/mo/user
Discounts for purchasing annual plans

Canada RingCentral Office Plans:
From: $19.99/mo/user

RingCentral Professional Plans:
Pro: $9.99/month
ProPlus: $19.99/month
ProBusiness: $24.99/month
*if paid annually

Canada RingCentral Professional Plans:
Pro: $9.99/mo* ($19.99/monthly)
ProPlus: $19.99/mo* ($29.99/monthly)
ProPower: $24.99/mo* ($39.99/monthly)
*if paid annually

Detailed Features of RingCentral

RingCentral was founded in 1999 in San Mateo, CA. They have quickly become a market leader in providing cloud-based PBX systems. They provide three products for businesses and mobile professionals – RingCentral Office, RingCentral Professional and RingCentral Fax. Read our article for more information on the differences between RingCentral Office and RingCentral Professional.

Setup/Installation FeeNo
Cancellation/Deactivation FeeNo
Free TrialYes, RingCentral Offers 30 Day Free Trial on all Professional Plans, and on 2 User and above RingCentral Office Plans
Customer Service24/7 good (provided by out-sourced company)
Included Minutes(Professional)Pro: 300/month
ProPlus: 1,000/month
ProBusiness: 2,000/month
Included Minutes(Office)Unlimited Local/Long Distance
1,000 Toll Free
Add Unlimited Toll Free for $5/mo
Overage Minutes(Professional)Pro: 4.9¢
ProPlus: 4.4¢
ProBusiness: 4.2¢
Overage Minutes(Office)additional toll free minutes 3.9¢ if not on unlimited plan
Included Phone Numbers(Professional)1
Included Phone Numbers(Office)each plan includes:
- 1 toll free or local main company number
- 1 toll free or local fax number
- and one local number per user
Cost for Additional Phone Numbers$4.99/each per month
Extensions(Professional)Pro: 2
ProPlus: 5
ProBusiness: 10
$2.99/mo to add virtual extensions
Local and Toll Free Transfer FeeFree
Vanity Number Fee$30 - one time fee
True 800 Number FeeFree - but not always available

RingCentral Office

RingCentral Office is best suited to individuals who need inbound call routing as well as the ability to make mid to heavy amounts of outbound calls. With RingCentral Office, you have one system and one monthly bill across all your office locations and even your mobile workforce.

All RingCentral Office plans include call management, system administration, unlimited calling in the U.S. and Canada, unlimited internet fax, unlimited conference calling, and unlimited business SMS, along with integrations with Microsoft® Office & Outlook®, Google, Box, and Dropbox.





PricingFrom $24.99/monthFrom $34.99/monthFrom $49.99/month
Free Trial30 Day Free Trial30 Day Free Trial30 Day Free Trial
Toll Free Minutes per month1,000 2,500Unlimited
Overage Minutes3.9¢3.9¢N/A
Salesforce CRM integrationnoyesyes
Automatic Call Recordingnoyesyes
Premium Supportnoyesyes

Each plan also includes:

– One toll free or local main company number
– One toll free or local fax number
– And one local number per user.


Transfer a local or toll-free number – FREE
Additional toll-free or local numbers – $4.99/month
Additional fax numbers – $4.99/month
Vanity number – $30 one-time fee

Unlimited Minutes!30 Day Free Trial!

RingCentral Professional

RingCentral Professional is the ultimate solution for inbound call management for busy professionals. Transform any phone anywhere into a business line with this plan. You can easily route calls for yourself or your employees and receive calls wherever your work takes you. Easily connect virtual employees and route calls directly to them, regardless of their location.





Free Trial30 Day Free Trial30 Day Free Trial30 Day Free Trial
Minutes per Month300 local, long distance
or toll-free minutes
1000 local, long distance
or toll-free minutes
2000 local, long distance
and 1000 toll-free minutes
Overage Minutes4.9¢/min4.4¢/min4.2¢/min
Unlimited Internet faxyesyesyes
Web Supportyesyesyes
Dedicated Fax Numbernoyesyes
Dial by Name Directorynoyesyes
Phone Supportnoyesyes


Additional virtual extensions – $2.99/month
Additional toll-free or local numbers – $4.99/month
Additional fax numbers – $4.99/month

Vanity number – $30 one-time fee
Transfer a local or toll-free number – FREE

What We Like About RingCentral

Integrated Real-Time Call Controller

This feature allows you to turn your PC into a call command center. You can easily answer or screen incoming calls, send them to voice mail, transfer to another extension, disconnect or even monitor voice messages as they are being left, and pick up only calls you want to take. You can also prompt the caller to speak their name, which will be played via your PC speakers.

Click-to-Call/Ring Me Web Buttons

Not every VoIP company has this feature. You can add a button to your website to easily allow visitors to call you directly from their PC.

Microsoft Office & Outlook Integration

RingCentral integrates with Microsoft Outlook, so you can place calls directly from Outlook with RingOut click-to-call dialing, receive faxes in your Outlook inbox, and easily send faxes to Outlook Contacts. You can also fax directly from Microsoft Office® applications such as Microsoft Word®, Excel® and PowerPoint®.

Unlimited Minutes With RingCentral Office

RingCentral Office offers a fully-functional, feature-rich small office system that includes unlimited local and long-distance calling and faxing within the US and Canada. It also includes optional, fully pre-configured VoIP phones, and all the features you’d expect in a small office phone system. This is a true small-business phone system that is affordable for small business owners, professionals, or home offices!

RingCentral now also offers a 30-day risk-free trial on RingCentral Office so that you can be confident in your purchase! Be sure to read our recent one-on-one comparisons between RingCentral Office vs. Phone.com and RingCentral Office vs. VirtualPBX Flat Rate Plans.

Plug and Ring IP Phones with RingCentral Office

RingCentral provides business-class IP phones from PolyCom or Cisco that come plug and ring-ready. Alternatively, turn your smartphone into a business phone with the free RingCentral app. Yet another option is to use your computer to take and make phone calls using RingCentral’s softphone app.

Click to Call/Ring Me Web buttons

Do you have a website? You can add RingCentral’s RingMe icon to your website and allow your customers to call you regardless of where they are located in the world. They simply press the icon and enter their phone number – RingCentral will call your customer and connect the call to you. Now that’s customer service!

Integrated Internet Fax

Provide full faxing ability to all of your users without the need for dedicated phone lines or fax machines. You can easily send and receive faxes by email to your computer or smartphone. If, however, you prefer or need to send or receive faxes to a physical fax machine, you can accomplish this easily by connecting your fax machine via a RingCentral analog adapter.

Do you use Microsoft Office applications? If so, you can easily send faxes right from those applications. If you are worried about security, don’t be. RingCentral will transmit faxes over an encrypted connection and you can store incoming faxes in a password-protected online account.

SalesForce.com Integration with RingCentral Office

RingCentral provides an app that will seamlessly integrate your RingCentral Office phone system with SalesForce.com’s CRM application. Key benefits include:

  • Simple click-to-call functionality from within SalesForce allows your sales people to spend less time dialing numbers and more time selling or servicing customers.
  • RingCentral’s softphone app runs from within your SalesForce and handles dialing and call handling, eliminating misdials and enhancing collaboration using call records.
  • Incoming calls are automatically matched to SalesForce.com contact records and displayed to your salespeople or customer service representatives.
  • Easily log notes about calls and work multiple calls in separate browser tabs.
  • Benefit from the detailed call reporting from within SalesForce.com

Microsoft Office & Outlook Integration

RingCentral integrates with Microsoft Outlook. You can place calls directly from Outlook with RingOut click-to-call dialing, receive faxes in your Outlook inbox and easily send faxes to Outlook Contacts. You can also fax directly from Microsoft Office® applications such as Microsoft Word®, Excel® and PowerPoint®.

Mobile App for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry

With the release of their mobile app for the Android market, RingCentral now has apps for both the iPhone and Android mobile phones. You can truly take your business mobile now, with these apps allowing you to stay connected on the go with faxing, voicemail and call management options:

  • Faxing – Receive and forward your faxes from anywhere.
  • Visual Voicemail – See a complete record of all your missed calls.
  • Call Logs – See a complete record of all your calls and faxes.
  • Get only the calls you want, and block the ones you don’t want.
  • Make calls with RingOut, while keeping your personal phone number private.
  • Access any of your business contacts and company extensions easily.

Business SMS with RingCentral office

NEW – RingCentral allows you to send professional text messages to business colleagues, clients and department groups using your business number. Recipients can reply via Business SMS or their native SMS. The business SMS feature works seamlessly with RingCentral’s mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones.

  • Send and receive 160-character messages to and from any of your RingCentral extensions or local phone numbers.
  • Text across all your available devices – smartphones, tablets and PCs.
  • Get rid of those unwanted calls by using the number blocking feature and even create a spam blacklist.
  • Set up and get push and email notifications when you receive an incoming message.


Call Park with RingCentral office

NEW – You can now park up to 50 calls simultaneously – both inbound and outbound calls – in the cloud and retrieve them from any of your business phones. So if the call recipient is busy, you can now have anyone from your team pick up the call from any desk phone.

convenient and flexible

  • Simply press the “Call Park” softkey on your desk phone and pass along the parked location to colleagues or departments.
  • Unanswered calls ring back after five minutes, so you can ensure your callers are well attended.
  • Park calls easily when out of the office with a few keystrokes on your smartphone.


Intercom with RingCentral Office

NEW – You can now easily announce calls or ping colleagues for quick conversations using RingCentral’s new Intercom feature.

  • Quickly reach colleagues using a desk phone in any office location on your RingCentral Office system.
  • Simply press the “intercom” softkey on your desk phone, or *85 when using the softphone.
  • Users and admins can enable the intercom feature and easily control who can intercom them.
  • Works well with “call park” – park the call and then quickly announce a call using intercom.

What We Don’t Like About RingCentral

Dial-by-Name Directory Charge on their Professional Plans

This is probably really picky, and most likely a little-used feature for true professionals with fewer than six extensions. However, we’d like to see RingCentral drop the $4.99/mo charge and follow their competitors’ leads on this one.

200-Message limit

Currently, RingCentral has a 200 voice and fax message storage limit per extension. Again, this probably won’t be an issue for most people using the system, but it is something to be aware of.

Unlimited Minutes Eliminated on Professional Plans

RingCentral recently eliminated their unlimited minute plan “ProUnlimited” and changed their “ProBusiness Plan” to 2,000 minutes on their Professional product. Now, in order to get unlimited minutes, you will have to purchase a RingCentral Office plan.

$2.99 Fee to Add Virtual Extensions

RingCentral has eliminated their unlimited extensions by default on their Professional Plans. You now need to pay $2.99/mo extra to get unlimited extensions on any RingCentral Professional Plan.

Some Final Thoughts about RingCentral

RingCentral plans are packed with features you’ve come to expect, like call management, voicemail and greetings, internet fax, a fully-functional cloud-based PBX, web phone features, and mobile apps. If you are looking for a stable, market-leading partner that offers a very wide range of desirable features at good price points, RingCentral is a great option.

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  1. says

    RingCentral Review
    Rating: 1

    We are actually very unhappy about both the actual product and customer service!!! They renewed our contract without notifying us first and now say that we are committed for another year for the service that completely sucks…. Very Very Unhappy!!!

  2. says

    RingCentral Review
    Rating: 1

    Ring Central is THE WORST!!! We have had problems since the day our system was installed. When we call for support we are put on hold for two hours or longer.
    I wrote letters to the CEO and SVP of Customer Service at Ring Central MONTHS ago with NO response whatsoever.
    We are trying to cancel our service but have been told we can only do so by calling a specific phone number but when we call we are put on hold and no one ever comes to the phone.

  3. says

    RingCentral Review
    Rating: 1


  4. says

    RingCentral Review
    Rating: 5

    ***UPDATE*** I’ve contacted the site administration to have my review removed as I received a response from Tom Schwall, the sales manager at Ringcentral.com. He has offered to make the pricing right throughout the term of my contract and I am now completely satisfied with the service. Having used the VOIP desk phone service now since November, I have to say I’m quite pleased with the service and the ability to customize the options to meet our needs. We have a very small office, but the customization options that are offered are nearly endless and it makes us sound like we are a large firm. I also love that I can pull open my app and make a phone call from wherever I might be and my clients have no idea that I’m out of the office. Same goes with incoming calls, If I happen to be out of the office, the calls are easily transferred to my cell and my clients have no idea that I’m not in. Thank you, Ringcentral for backing up you great service with great customer service!

  5. says

    RingCentral Review
    Rating: 1

    The absolute worst. Do yourself a favor and read the countless reviews of customers having the same issues as myself. I also have multiple clients with 10-50 phone lines who are scrambling to get away from RingCentral!

    I have been a customer for 3 years and have had nothing but technical & billing issues since day one across 12 phone extensions. Our fault for “hanging in there”, and I am finally making the executive time to migrate away. They lock you into insanely long non-refundable contracts even though you are having technical issues the entire time. THEY WILL BILL YOU IN FULL AND NOT STAND BY THEIR “COMMITMENT” TO SERVE YOU – READ OTHER REVIEWS!

    Basic, first contact, tech support is worthless and the reps repeat the same [on-screen & scripted] procedures EVERY time you call upon the same reoccurring technical issue, even though you tell them you’ve already completed all the tasks multiple times they’ll make you do it again. Next, when they tell you your issue once again needs to be escalated, EVERY SINGLE TIME they say it will take 24-48 hours for a call back! I HAVE TIME IN MY BUSY SCHEDULE WHEN I CALL, not 2 days from now. And they almost always take close to that 48 hours. How do you feel about your business phones not working for 48 HOURS!?!?! And then having to interrupt a current project, client, or appointment just to work with their tech support who almost always claim they’ll have to look deeper into the issue and they will “attempt” to call you in ANOTHER 48 hours? Absolutely the worst tech support I have ever dealt with!

    Service issues always come down to the same canned excuse, “Your carrier or data is not adequate enough”. B***S***! We are using multiple cellular carriers, wifi hotspots, and are in different cities. i.e. I am on Verizon Wireless LTE, the #1, most solidified network in the U.S. and am moving all around the greater Denver area 90% of the time, and other large metropolitan cities the other 10%… which means at full LTE strength I am having the same issues on multiple towers & regions. On top of cellular data access, I have the exact same quality issues on proven/reliable high speed Wifi at many different locations with fiber access, 100+ cable speeds, locations with multiple bonded T3’s etc etc. It cannot possibly be a network issue on my end in every single location my team is present, and the RC canned excuse gets old. VoIP is not new, and every other VoIP carrier will immediately take a look at use use, data, compression, etc. These guys at RC just basically say it isn’t their fault and then bury you under the rug. Is this who you wand running your business telephony backbone?

    If you ask for a refund or a discount for your never-ending hassles they basically laugh at you. They have ZERO options to turn off automatic contract renewal which is a crime in my opinion. I should receive proper notices when a renewal is coming up, and which payment method to use. And when they all of a sudden do charge your card, BE AWARE you will never get a dime back unless you work with your credit card company to issue a fraudulent report against them. I have not had to do this, but know a few companies who have and am reading about many others making the same complaint.

    Last, their mobile device apps are flaky. We can have a few weeks of solid use, and then team reports start filing in about freezes, apps require reinstall on Android or iOS, & on and on and on. We are done dealing with these amateurs. They may have had a good thing on entry to the market, but there are SO many competitors who appear to be doing a better and ETHICAL job… we are going to someone else.


  6. says

    RingCentral Review
    Rating: 1

    Customer service isnt great. Mobile app has alot of problems. Cheaper services around if you do a little digging. Stay away

  7. says

    RingCentral Review
    Rating: 1

    Couldn’t have much of a conversation on the phone system. Staff abandoned it for text messaging and cell service. Changed to a better service but we’re still locked in a contract – what a rip off company.

  8. says

    RingCentral Review
    Rating: 2

    I don’t know how the PC Mag editors get that Ring Central is so great. The only reason I’m still with them is they’ve given me free service for the problems I’ve had with them. when that runs out, I’m gone. There are better and cheaper VoIP providers out there.

    There is so much wrong with them I’m only going to go over a few.

    RC is a hard system to use for the layperson. It’s not in the least intuitive. You have to know where to go to find things, jumping around the site when so much could be on the same pages such as faxes, calls and texts. If you want to find specific things you should be able to search for them from that same page and narrow the results on your screen.

    For single line users there is not 24/7 tech support. It’s only 8a to I think 9p M-F EST. I work often until 10 or 11 pm since I cover the entire country and I also work Saturdays. If you’re anything like me, you can’t be without your phone. You need 24/7/365. You won’t get it if you’re a single line user here.

    They’ll tell you during the off hours you can use their online support and get answers from the community. Their online tech support is terrible. In the years I was with them I’ve only found my answers online 2 times and then it was 3-4 pages into the search. The community? How long does it take to get an answer there? Are they trained? Are you sure those are the right answers? If the solutions from the community doesn’t answer your direct problem or doesn’t work, what then? What if you have questions about the solution they provided? How long to get an answer then? If you’re trying to do business, do you have time for this?

    If they had good online support and their system wasn’t so complex and hard to use, if it was designed better so it was easier to navigate the back office and more were on the same pages then people wouldn’t need so much live support and they could go back to offering 24/7 to single line users and they’d retain more customers and save more money.

    They don’t archive your faxes. If you have business disputes or legal issues, you often need your faxes as evidence. All they’ll provide you with is a confirmation that your fax was sent, not the contents. That’s not proof.

    Their archives are only for a year for anything. Again, legal issues and business disputes. These often go on for years. There is no problem finding other providers that archive for 3 years and also save the contents of your faxes. In today’s world, legal issues and business disputes are almost inevitable for everyone. You’re not going to find any help here from RC.

    Recently the forced a change of their softphone. I resisted it and you have no idea how happy I am that I did. It’s a serious reduction of service. Much more information used to be available on the screen. Now you have to move between screens to get only some of the information you used to be able to get. It takes like 5 steps going between screens to delete something from the softphone when you used to be able to right click, go down the drop down menu, click delete and it was gone. You used to be able to drag and drop from faxes and messages from the softphone to other applications. Now you have to open and save them. It used to be the caller id showed up on the same window. Now a window opens in the middle of the screen, interrupting your work and showing less information than you used to get. I’ve got some virtual numbers and a fax number. The screen used to show what of those numbers the call or fax was coming in on. In the middle of my work day I only answer one of those. Now I have no idea what number is coming in. Frustrating having to waste time on someone I have no time for without being rude to them. I primarily use my desk phone when speaking with clients because of the much better sound quality for them to hear me. It used to be my desk phone rang on the first ring and and I could pick it up immediately. Now it takes three rings on the softphone before my desk phone rings before i can pick up. I’m hanging on the rings from the softphone waiting before I can pick up a call from someone I need to speak with.

    RingCentral is supposed to be a business solution. They keep degrading their services intentionally. It’s not hard to understand why. If you look at their financials, available online, you’ll find they’ve lost money every year from 2011 through to 2014. I’m sure when the financials come out for this year it will be the same. They waste money on R&D and make stupid changes that piss off their customers rather than addressing their customers’ requests for features or to fix things. They try to offer fancy develop and offer fancy services that most won’t use much. And yet they fail on so many of the basics. I found by accident that for years less than 10% of my incoming faxes were coming through. They didn’t fix it until I posted all over the web about it. The spend a fortune on referral rewards to get their customers to recommend them to other businesses. What’s the good of this when they fall so short in so many areas, so many that I didn’t even mention most of them. They undoubtedly have a low customer retention rate. RC, take care of the basics, keep your customers happy and raise your retention rate and you’ll do much better, maybe even start making a profit.

    My guess is their developers are foreign, don’t understand Americans and don’t understand business. How else could RC be so poorly designed. Hire American developers with experience in the American business world. Don’t go on the cheap hiring foreign. It’s costing you more with your poor design, poor features and poor service. This is not a good business solution. Find another VoIP provider. I wouldn’t even recommend this for larger businesses. There are much better among their competition who offer 24/7 support to all, archive your history for 3 yrs or more, save your faxes so you can retrieve them and cost less than their full office package that are much better designed and easier to set up and use.

    If this is how PC Mag reviews things, don’t trust them either. They obviously haven’t used RC and don’t know what they’re talking about.

  9. says

    RingCentral Review
    Rating: 1

    I have had ring Central for 2 months: I have been unable to use the service as the Number Tranfer hasn’t worked.
    Ring Central has now lost my valuable telephone numbers.
    I have paid £250, not used a single minute of calls, and am apparently ‘not entitles’ to a refund.
    I tried to transfer from another provider, with high hopes for Ring Central: I have had to make over 30 phone calls, and NOTHING has been sorted!
    I am currently on my 4th call in an attempt to cancel my account, and have been charged for another month of the serice THAT I DONT USE during this period!!!
    Wow, rant over: terrible service.

  10. says

    RingCentral Review

    We are being generous with one star. DONT USE THEM. They are trying to tell us we have a “contract” with them and we never signed anything. They have a free trial for 30 days and we had problems in 30 days and spent another 30 days trying to get it resolved, which it wasn’t and and now they want us to pay over $1700 to get out of this “contract” they say we have. They are fraudulent and liars. That is probably why you never get to speak with the same person twice. Below is a copy of the email sent to the company after we canceled the service and sent our rented phones back with them trying to get us to pay to get out of this contract which did NOT have my signature on it.

    I have never seen this contract and I don’t have a copy of it. It was a month to month agreement, my office manager and I were both on the speaker phone when we spoke to the initial representative and we were not being charged $147.96 per the document you sent us. We were being charged $173.69. Your representatives, who we have have new account representative every week, misrepresented the what the price was and the service. We would NOT have signed up for a two year service since this was all new to us and we were not sure it would work for our business and we informed the agent of that when we spoke to them. We only had the service for 2 months and determined that it would NOT work for us. We were told we could cancel at any time if it didn’t work out and send the rental phones back and that is why we rented them and didn’t buy them.

    We have called and emailed repeatedly about your phone service not working. We initiated case after case stating there was a delay in the speaking to clients, (we checked our internet speed and it was where it needed to be per the specifications given to us by the initial representative) and we were getting cussed out by clients because we couldn’t speak to them and they couldn’t hear us. We also initiated a case and I personally was on the phone for over 3 hours trying to get the phones to work so we could answer them when they rang. The would ring and we could go to answer them and the call was not there. The first representative didn’t speak good English and didn’t understand and after an hour I requested to speak to someone else. She sent me to a “higher Level of support” and he couldn’t help either so he sent me to a “higher level of support” and that person was no help either. NOTHING YOUR PEOPLE DID fixed the phones so we could answer them. THEN the phone calls that we did get, we could not transfer them to another Ring Central phone within our office. So now we cannot speak to clients, we could not hear clients, we ccould not answer the phones when they rang and we could not transfer the phone calls we were able to answer. So Heather called and she was on the phone with your HIGHER LEVEL OF SUPPORT and she was on the phone for over 2 hours and it still didn’t get it fixed. She was told to plug the phones into a router directly and work from there. We had 5 people working and 4 phones and one router in a closet. How are we to all work out of a closet. We told the representative this and she had no other suggestions. We operate a multimillion dollar corporation and are suppose to work 5 people out of a closet? So your phone service didn’t work. The whole purpose was to get better and reliable phone service and that is NOT what we got. So we are not paying for phone service we didn’t get for a contract that you say we have with you and we say we didn’t sign and support we never received to make your phones work. You didn’t provide us with a reliable service which you agreed to do. You have wasted a lot of our time with your support team who are absolutely useless and we were told could help us and didn’t. We have gone thru at least 3 new account agents in one week. We never get to speak with the same person twice. The support team doesn’t leave their phone number or extension for a call back. I can go on and on. We have had a very bad experience with your company and didn’t get the reliable phone service and support we were promised so I would advise you to drop this issue or it will be taken to a higher authority.

  11. says

    RingCentral Review
    Rating: 1

    First let me state that the only reason I’m still with Ring Central is because I need the call logs for some legal issues I’m currently involved in. If not for that I’d be gone.

    This is an update to a prior review. More serious problems with RC.

    So much wrong with this company such as not receiving 90% of my emails for years and never knowing about it. When I discovered it by accident it took them months to resolve. Who knows how much business I lost. For that time they should have refunded me what I paid for the fax service but they only gave me a few months of free service.

    Even then, they still took the money from my account and each month I had to contact them to get the money back. Each time took about an hour. If I hadn’t been watching my account I still would have been paying for the service and never known it. This is illegal. They also tried to cheat me out of a month of that free service. This company is full of scammers.

    Recently its been every few weeks I have a problem. Tech support is a major problem, particularly if you’re a single line user. Then you only get support Mon-Fri 8a to 9p EST. Small businesses today with the internet may work in all US time zones and need later hours and may work weekends. I work both. I cannot be without my phone. There are plenty of other VoIP providers that do provide 24/7/365 support.

    When you get the full business package it also becomes over priced. There are other VoIP providers that provide more reliable service at better prices. These guys keep ignoring the basics.

    It seems lately every few weeks I’m having problems, further back every few months. This is way to often.

    Most recently on my soft phone I lost date information on my calls. This is important for me to track recent calls that come in so I can respond to them. I called tech support to get help and they requested I allow them to share my screen. I agreed on the condition that I be informed of anything they do before they do it. They lied, literally.

    I specifically said I did not want to update my soft phone because incompetently they had not done anything about migrating messages on the current soft phone to updates. If we don’t delete those messages there’s a reason for it. That reason is we need those messages. Twice he went ahead and tried to update without my permission. He lied about having a way to migrate messages. I’d had this discussion on 3 prior tech support calls. I had to catch him at it and stop him. He lied saying he brought me to one of the download screens saying he just wanted to check to see if it was there. Come on, they know whats there. Finally he admitted trying to do it. So he was going to update me and throw away important information I needed without my permission.

    If you go online and search for Ring Central’s financials you’ll find they’ve lost money every quarter for the last 3 years. They waste money on stupid things in development. The do not do many of the basics right and don’t properly maintain them. It’s next to impossible to find anything in their online help it’s so poorly organized. I’ve gone to the online support for other VoIP providers and found my answers in moments. Tech support is not 24/7/365. If they had decent online support they wouldn’t have so many people calling for live support, they’d save money and be able to afford to provide 24/7/365 support for all their users for when it’s really needed. Tech support has lied to me on a number of occasions. This last time was most blatant when they told me they had a fix they didn’t and tried to update me against my wishes and I had to take back control of the mouse to stop them.

    These guys are liars and thieves. Do not use them, particularly if you are a small business with only one line. They don’t really care about you and will try to get over on you. I wish I could post better companies to use than Ring Central. As soon as my legal issue is sufficiently resolved, hopefully in the next couple of months, I’m gone.