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Star2Star Communications Review


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Type: Business Phone Solutions


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Star2Star Communications Review Summary

Founded in 2006, Star2Star Communications offers communication solutions for businesses of every size. From startups to mid-sized businesses and even enterprises, Star2Star aims to revolutionize business communications by delivering cloud-based phone systems that are easy to use, scalable, flexible, and cost-effective. They offer four bundle packages to choose from: Starter UC, Basic UC, Professional UC, and Premium UC bundles.

Plans and Pricing

Star2Star Communications offers four plans:
Starter UC Bundle
Basic UC Bundle
Professional UC Bundle
Premium UC Bundle

The company prides itself for offering flexible pricing options. However, detailed pricing information for their plans is not publicly available. To learn more about their plans, you can request a quote from their website.


Starter UC Bundle
Direct Inward Dial
Inbound Caller ID
StarScope 2 (Presence Management Application)
Find Me – Follow Me
Voicemail to Email
Visual Voicemail
Music On Hold
Optional Key System Emulation
StarConference Basic
Call Activities Report

Basic UC Bundle
Includes everything in the Starter UC Bundle, plus:
StarPhone for iPhone or Android
StarPhone for Desktop (Mac/Windows)

Professional UC Bundle
Includes everything in the Basic UC Bundle, plus:
StarVideo Conferencing
Personal Auto Attendant
StarFax Personal
StarFax Conference Premium

Premium UC Bundle
Includes everything in the Professional UC Bundle, plus:
Call Recording
StarContact (CRM Integration)

Available for an upgrade fee:
Starcdenter Agent (Call Center)
StarFax Classic
StarBand StarBinary Failover
StarBand Primary Bandwidth
StarBand Secondary Bandwidth
Courtesy Extensions are also available


Star2Star offers a comprehensive suite of voice and unified communications solutions that helps business get an edge over competitors. These include:
Voice Features
Pooling and Bursting Lines
Advanced Call Center
Mobile Applications
CRM Integration
Disaster Avoidance and Recovery
StarFax Classic and StarFax Personal
Instant messaging
SIP Trunking
Managed Network Services
Video Conferencing
Government Solutions
StarReporter Business Analytics

Pros and Cons

Offers a multitude of features
99% network uptime
Ability to integrate with various CRMs
Superior compliance with various standards (GSA, HIPAA, PCI, CPNI, Safe Harbor, and more)
30-day money back guarantee

No pricing details available
Their service has some negative reviews

Bottom Line

Although a fairly new player in the business VoIP market, Star2Star already offers a comprehensive and impressive suite of communication solutions for businesses. They have even developed StarBand, their rich suite of features that includes StarWatch, StarPath, StarScope, StarChat, and more. Star2Star offers plans for small to mid-sized businesses; however, most of their offerings are also suitable for larger enterprises with unique and specific requirements. This is perhaps the reason why they don’t provide detailed pricing tiers and information on their website.

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