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VirtualPBX Review

Product: VirtualPBX
Type: Professional & Office

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on: May 12, 2017

Entry Price: $7.99/mo

VirtualPBX Pros and Cons


  • NEW: Unlimited Minutes on NEW UNLIMITED Plan
  • FREE VoIP Phones on ALL plans (with annual payment)
  • True and most extensive ACD Queueing
  • Call identification (business vs personal)
  • International Virtual Numbers
  • NEW: FREE Call Recording
  • Conferencing for each extension owner
  • NEW: 2 or 3 phone numbers included with each plan


  • No “click to call” or “call from web” functionality

VirtualPBX Pricing

Dash Basic (Starting at $12.99)
Most Economic Dash Basic is a great plan for businesses with tight budgets
Reliable Built on same Dash Plans platform

Dash Pro (Starting at $26.99)
Flexible Plan most resembling other Dash offers, but with more flexibility on minutes and expandability
Minutes Increased pool of minutes and local/toll-free numbers

Dash Unlimited (Starting at $34.99)
Flexible Unlimited Continental U.S./Canada & 1000 Toll-Free Minutes
Minutes 3 local or toll-free phone numbers included

VirtualPBX Dash

Route calls to any cell phone or land line for a low cost per minute. What a business class VoIP phone to take calls on when you are in your office? You can get at least 1 free VoIP phone with any plan, and up to a max of 4 free VoIP phones absolutely FREE! Never be out of touch with clients or customers with advanced call routing, free conference calling, and never full mailboxes!

Detailed Features VirtualPBX

VirtualPBX is headquartered in San Jose, California and founded in 1997. There is no disputing that VirtualPBX has been doing this longer than any of the other vendors, and because of this they definitely provide the most reliable, redundant, and extensive, feature rich product – and now all of it, at very affordable prices.

Setup/Installation FeeNo
Cancellation/Deactivation FeeNo
Free TrialYes, VirtualPBX Offers 30 Day Free Trial
Customer Service24/7 Excellent, In-House (provided by company employees)
Included Minutes (Dash)Basic: 1,000/mo
Pro: 2,500/mo
Unlimited: Unlimited continental U.S., 1,000 toll free/month
Overage Minutes (Dash)Basic: 4.9¢
Unlimited: 3.9¢ (if over fair usage policy)
Included Phone NumbersTwo: 1 Local plus 1 other inbound number (local or toll free) included in all plans
Cost for Additional Phone Numbers$5.00/each per month
Extensions (Dash)Unlimited
Local and Toll Free Transfer Fee$25 - one time fee
Vanity Number Fee$25 - one time fee
True 800 Number Fee$25 - one time fee - but not always available

What We Like About VirtualPBX

Quality and Reliability:

Because VirtualPBX has been doing this longer than anyone else in the space, they definitely have the Quality and Reliability down to a science. Reliability is not going to be an issue for you with VirtualPBX, but again, don’t overlook that this may come at a cost.

True ACD Queueing:

VirtualPBX definitely defines what True ACD Queueing is, and probably should be at this point. They started it, and by far have the most extensive functionality in this arena. If you need true ACD Queueing and it’s critical to your business, then VirtualPBX will be a the very top of your short list of vendors. NEW: ACD queues are now free on all Flat Rate Plans. Previously cost $15/mo.

Caller Identification:

When a call is sent to your cell phone via VirtualPBX’s auto attendant, the auto attendant identifies the call as a “business” call so that you know to answer it differently than you would a normal personal call to your cell phone.

FREE Phones with Each Plan:

If you sign up for the annual pricing plans, then you can get free VoIP Phones. There is no other virtual phone service that offers free phones without a special promotion.

Call Recording:

Free call recording provided on every plan. Call recording can be be configured so it’s automatic for all calls or manually started by pressing #9. Call Recording can be configured at the extension level and the ACD queue level.

Conference Bridge:

Each extension owner can have their own conference call going on at the same time complete with real-time web monitor showing the caller ID and login time for each attendee to the conference call. A conference log report shows the different attendees for each conference call.

Detailed Reporting:

Full repots showing all call activity. All Reports can be exported to CSV file for easy manipulation.

International Virtual Numbers:

Virtual PBX now offers local numbers in other countries. This can benefit your business if you have a customer base, or even employees in another country that you need to communicate with on a regular basis. By adding an International Virtual Number you can totally eliminate the international calling rates to/from that country.! Your customers in the UK for example, could call you without additional charges to them, and reach any of your locations. The same thing applies to any employees you might have in that country – you can now communicate with them any time you need without incurring huge international phone bills. VirtualPBX and Phone.com are the only two merchants to offer this ability.

NO Activation Fee:

Kudos to VirtualPBX! As of November 18, 2008 they have eliminated their $25 Setup/Activation and all upgrade fees! Plus are now offering a Trial Period. We feel this now makes them a “real” offering to the very small/small business market, and a “real” competitor in this space. The only time you will pay a fee is if you want an expedited upgrade – then you’ll pay the $25. If you want VoIP phones, then you will also pay a one-time shipping and handling fee of $12.99 per device ordered for their Polycom IP phones. This is fairly standard, however and most or the merchants we review charge some kind of fee for activating and shipping their VoIP phones. You however do not have to purchase these phones from VirtualPBX but if you do, they come pre-configured and ready to plug in and go!

What We Don’t Like About VirtualPBX

No “Click-To-Call/Call-From-Web” Functionality:

As of now, VirtualPBX does not offer the ability to add a button or icon to your website that would allow your visitors to call you directly from their PC, by clicking the “call” button.

VirtualPBX Review Summary

Since VirtualPBX has completely redone their pricing, removed their setup/activation fees, and gone to a 30 day free trial they are now a great option in our list of providers, especially if you need true ACD Queueing and the newly added outbound internet faxing!

All in all, if you are in the small business space and find that some of the more advanced features such as the true ACD Queueing are appealing to you, and you want the complete confidence of VirtualPBX’s reliability, you can now get all of this at reasonably priced plans!

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  1. says

    VirtualPBX Review
    Rating: 1

    I wish I could give this service less than 1 star.

    Virtual Pbx really loves to sell you everything. They will tell you everything that you can do with the system. After you sign up and they receive your money, it’s completely downhill from there.

    Their customer service is awful. I was told that they have 24/7 service when I purchased. This is not at all true. Their hours are only PST and if you call when they are open, you’re on hold forever. The best way I’ve found is when you contact them through live chat. However, one out of 3 people will know what they’re doing.

    The system is not at all user friendly. I found that if I needed to change something in the system that I would think would be simple, I need to change a setting in 5 different places. To change it back to the original way, you have to change a setting in 18 different places. It’s ridiculous.

    This morning I was prompted to write reviews because I have decided to go with another provider. I have found that after being on the system for 3 weeks, with awful service, I am cancelling due to my 30 day money back guarantee. It can’t come soon enough. I have found a provider that is a third of the price and is MUCH more user friendly. There is also no porting fee with my new provider. When I started with Virtual Pbx, there was a $25 porting fee, and it took 2 weeks. New provider, it’s free, and it’s going to be done in 3 days.

    This morning I received a call that I attempted to transfer FIVE TIMES. Each time it said that it’s not a known extension. This is actually an extension, and I know this because I transferred someone just 5 minutes prior to that extension.

    This is unacceptable. This puts the entire company on hold. I couldn’t even contact customer service about this issue, because they’re not open yet. This is a terrible service, and I can’t wait until I’m no longer using this.

  2. says

    VirtualPBX Review
    Rating: 2

    We were with Virtual PBX for almost 2 years. Being a growing business we rely on our phones for all of our business. Over these 2 years we had issue after issue with this service. At the end we were having 2-4 hours or more a week of unexpected down time. Often our phones would just stop ringing; calls would still go to voicemail but not to the phone. Their level 1 technicians, though nice on the phone, are not knowledgeable enough to resolve anything more than basic issues and wound up taking 1-2 hours on average to resolve anything. Their “24 hour support line” is seldom answered after hours and voicemails are not returned. On Election Day they oversold their circuits, this caused us to loose approximately 40%+ of our calls that day. When presented with this they replied by critiquing our business and stating “we didn’t have enough operators to handle all of those calls anyway”. With all due respect VPBX we were paying you to provide phone service, not evaluate our business and what we are capable of handling. By the way we did have enough people staffed to handle the traffic had your system been functioning properly, more labor costs lost to Virtual PBX. We tried over and over again the whole time we were with Virtual PBX to resolve these issues all to no resolution. At one point they even deleted our phone number “by accident” due to an internal miss communication; this cost us 5 hours of down time on that day alone. In all of these issues they never stepped up once or took responsibility. Most issues were just dismissed or never replied to, it became so frustrating and we don’t even want to think of how much time over our 2 years we spent dealing with them and their “system”. All in all Virtual PBX failed to meet any of the expectations they stated as far as support, uptime, and reliability. I would not recommend this service and advise you look elsewhere if you need a PBX service. I personally rate Virtual PBX no better the Google Voice, which is sad for how much they charge, which is by the minute (read the fine print).
    Network Administrator

    • says

      Dan – Thank you for taking time to speak on the phone. I really appreciate the opportunity to discuss the experience you had. I hope you found our conversation as helpful as I did. We take feedback like yours very seriously and speaking directly with customers helps us improve all aspects of our business. We are already taking action based on the experience you shared with me. Thank you for being a customer for two years!

      Greg Brashier
      Virtual PBX

      • says

        I wish to add to the review below. After writing this and emailing Greg Brashier he reached out to me. We discussed these issues one by one. He assured me this is not how they do business and granted a refund for our down time. I truly wish we were able to talk before it had to come to this and I am very thankful he reached out even after we left the company. I believe they are a good company but did have issues with our account that were not addressed properly. At this point I would recommend them for a small business and believe they would support any issue that came up. This did not happen with us but I think we just slipped through the cracks. Thank you Greg for representing Virtual PBX so well and honestly caring about our concerns.