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VoIPLy Review

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Product: VoIPLy
Type: Business VoIP Service

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on: January 26, 2017
Entry Price: $15.00/month

VoIPLy Review Summary

As technology continues to evolve, businesses have started opting-out of traditional telephone services. There are several service providers that work on cloud-based systems, one of which is VoIPLy. VoIPLy offers a full spectrum of telephone services that meet small and medium business requirements. What makes them a preferred choice among users is their affordability and reliability.

Service Offerings

VoIPLy offers a Business Pro plan that is available for $15 per month. With this plan, customers receive unlimited calling within the US, hold music, high-quality voice connections, Voicemail to Email service, US-based support service, and a downtime probability of 0.001%. Clients also get additional free auto attendants facility as part of their package. Moreover, there are no binding contracts or setup fees that clients are obliged to pay, making it possible for the companies to plan their transition to a more budget friendly cloud-based service.

Free-of-Charge Features

There are many services offered by VoIPLy that are available to business clients at no additional cost. These features are available to all plan holders:
Auto attendants: With this feature, customers are routed to the relevant department on their first call. A customized auto attendant message can be created at the onset of phone setup.
Voicemail-to-email: Through VoIPLy’s voicemail-to-email, voicemails are directed straight to the client’s inbox.
Music on hold: Many businesses use hold time as an opportunity to market their new products. This marketing on hold feature is available for free and can be customized to meet the client’s needs.
Call Bridge: With this feature, three people can be a part of the same call. The user can also split the three-way conference call into 2 different calls.
No cancellation penalty: VoIPLy provides month-to-month service and gives customers a chance to cancel their service anytime during the month.
Outlook and Lync integration: This feature allows you to initiate calls through Outlook. All incoming calls are displayed in your inbox. It also makes setting up virtual meetings a one-step process by using Outlook contacts.
Call features: Call forwarding, auto-dialing, and call block are just some of the call management features that are free with VoIPLy services.
Fax-to-email notification: Get an email notification as soon as you receive a fax document.
Hunt groups: A facility that groups multiple extensions to process specific calls.
Find Me/Follow Me: Automatically forwards unanswered calls to your mobile and other phone numbers.
Call recording: Record calls and replay them as needed.

Paid Features

Seamless Hosted PBX system: Make business management easier by installing VoIPLy’s hosted PBX phone service. The enterprise-grade phone system is suited for all kinds of businesses. With these services, the business owner will be able to substantially reduce the costs associated with telephony and give their employees a flawless communication system. This cloud-based application provides watertight communication infrastructure that can be easily operated by anyone. No additional technical skills are required, and it can still provide traditional phone services and more. Moreover, customers never feel the need to change their service provider as new features are continuously being added to the system, eliminating the need for an upgrade.
Conference Call: VoIPLy allows users to set up conference calls with more than 20 participants. Each user will get their unique conference dial-in number. The service can be used for free for the first 500-minutes. Additionally, no line reservations are required to use this service. The call quality is perfect, regardless of the number of callers.
Admin Portal: Backend access to the telephone system gives users full control over their services. It’s easy to add, change or remove users from the system. Users can also add or remove features from a certain group in the organization. Remote users and office locations can all be managed from a single cloud account.
Toll-free Numbers: Conference calls can be set up with toll-free numbers provided by VoIPLy. Participants can join calls without paying call charges. This is especially helpful when the conference call involves international participants.
Telephone System Over Wireless: All VoIPLy business phone solutions are setup on the cloud with a smooth network of wireless systems that helps clients save up to 50% of their operational cost.
Call Queues: Businesses can put callers on hold when an employee is busy on other calls. In the meantime, the caller listens to hold music or a marketing message, as chosen by the client, until they are connected to a representative. This is a helpful feature for companies that have a fully-functional customer support department.

Customer Care Team

VoIPLy has a team of knowledgeable support staff that strives to meet the needs of their clients. Customers can monitor or configure their phones remotely. For any assistance, VoIPLy has a customer care department that can be reached via chat, email, web and phone. Customers can also refer to the website for a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

VoIPLy Review Summary

Businesses that are looking for affordable, high-quality phone systems can rely on VoIPLy’s services. VoIPLy caters to businesses of all sizes and can tailor their services to suit their respective clients. All features, such as auto attendants and mailbox features, are designed to meet your exact business needs. The interface has been simplified so that it’s easily accessible by anyone, regardless of their technical skills. Clients have full control over their account in the backend, which gives them the flexibility to use services as needed. VoIPLy gives its customers plenty of call enriching features that make communication crystal clear, allowing businesses to thrive.

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    VoIPLy Review
    Rating: 1

    I switched to this company due to the cost of the service and the savings it was providing. First and foremost, let me say you get what you pay for.

    Your account is NOT secure with this company. I was given access to someone else’s account without any verification whatsoever. I figured this out before they did, and let them know many changes were made to this other account. The supervisor did not seem to think it was a big deal that the agent, a team leader at that, bypassed a couple steps in protocol to give me this access.

    Not only is the customer service bad, but the phone service is not stable. There is a 2 second delay when answering all calls before the caller can hear you, which means you’re constantly saying “hello” twice. You are also lucky if you can make it more than 4 minutes into a phone call without being disconnected due to the call dropping. This has happened consistently throughout the time needed to port my number back to my previous carrier.

    The phone options are limited as well. The deluxe phone is not worth the extra money. They also have a new portal that took away the option to change your hold music, so you must use their very loud and extremely unprofessional music, if you can even call it that. The very worst I have ever heard in my 20+ years of phone work.

    I would highly recommend you look elsewhere for VOIP phone service. It will be worth a little extra money to have secure and reliable service.