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Vonage Business Review

Vonage Business Solutions
Product: Vonage Business Solutions
Type: Hosted PBX for Business


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Entry Price: $19.99/mo

Vonage Business Solutions Review Summary

Businesses are always looking for cheaper and reliable phone services. They expect the service to work without any hitches, and make calls without compromising quality. Most businesses require the phone service to make both domestic and international calls. There are a number of business phone services available today. Vonage offers a business phone system that meets the demands of most small and medium sized businesses. It is reliable, cheap, fast and secure.

Available Packages

Vonage offers 3 different packages for customers. These packages are designed to allow businesses to choose the best plan that meets their needs. The Metered Extensions and Virtual Extensions plans are offered at $14.99 per month. The Unlimited Extensions plan is offered at $39.99 per month.

Metered Extensions Plan

This plan is best suited for businesses with fewer employees. All incoming calls are free. The plan offers a low monthly rate of $14.99 per extension and $0.03 per minute. The plan comes with features such as outlook integration and voice mail to email conversion.

Features with No Fees

The Vonage business plans offer several features without any extra charge. These features come with all the plans.
• Three way conferences: In this feature, you invite a third person to join the call. You will initiate the process by calling the first person, then calling the second person, and finally you will bridge the 2 calls. You can also break the call into 2 separate calls.
• Call Management functions: Vonage offers several call management functions such as call blocking, auto dialing, call forwarding and call waiting. These features are standard on most business phone systems. Vonage does not charge for these features.
• Call logs for all extensions: Businesses can always access call logs for all the extensions. This is especially helpful for audits, and review of the phone calls initiated from an extension. This feature helps businesses to track the calls and to ensure that no unauthorized calls are being made from any extension.
• Outlook integration: The Outlook integration allows integration with contacts in your Outlook Mail. All incoming calls are displayed in Outlook. You can also initiate a call from Outlook. It also helps to setup voice enabled virtual meetings with your Outlook contacts.
• Fax and Email features: The fax feature allows users to fax documents from their computer. You will get an email notification when someone sends documents via fax. Most common features include send or receive multiple documents, include cover sheets and view fax status.
• Admin portal for managing extensions: The Admin portal helps Admin users in a company to manage all the extensions. It helps tracking the activity on various extensions, and activating and removing extensions.
• Cell Phone Integration: This feature helps connecting an extension with multiple cellular phones. When a call is initiated to an extension, this feature allows multiple cell phones to receive the call.

Additional Paid Features

• Conference facility with as many as 30 people: Most businesses require conference features to setup calls with a large group of people. Vonage allows conference calls with as many as 30 people. These calls come with several standard features such as caller personal identification number (PIN) and organizer PIN. The calls are secure and typically offer the greatest call quality.
• Toll free number to setup conference calls: A toll free number is provided to setup conference calls. A toll free number allows participants to join calls without incurring any cellular charges. This is especially useful when the conference call involves resources from international locations.
• Automated call recording for future playback: Vonage allows recording of conference calls. You will need to indicate whether you want to record the conference at the beginning of the call. You can playback the call at a later point if needed. This feature helps attendees to revisit the conversations in the future.
• Queuing of incoming calls: This feature allows businesses to put a caller on hold when an employee gets multiple calls at the same time. The caller will listen to music until the call is attended. This feature helps you tremendously if you have a division that performs customer support functions.

Customer Support

Vonage offers support to all its customers. Customers also have access to an online portal to login and access their profile, call details and billing information. Customers can open tickets with Vonage Customer Service to report and track issues. The web site also offers guides to setup services and resolve potential issues.


The Vonage Business Solutions is a service that comes with several great features to meet the demands of small and medium sized businesses. It has been in service for several years. Hundreds of businesses are successfully using Vonage Business Solutions to seamlessly provide communication services to their employees and customers. The cost effective service allows small businesses to save money on phone calls, fax and conference calls. The advanced features offered by Vonage Business Solutions are unparalleled, compared to features offered by many of its competitors. Vonage has emerged as the leader in call quality, phone features and customer support. It is no surprise that Vonage Business Solutions has become equally successful and popular as Vonage Residential Solutions.
Customer service is similarly easy. Users are invited to call the BroadVoice hotline at any time with questions, concerns or technical queries. They also offer email support for those who prefer the simplicity of virtual interaction.

Vonage Business Solutions Review Summary

Vonage Business Solutions is one of the best known providers in the industry. Their phone systems can be tailored to work for companies of all sizes.

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