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ZenPhone Review

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Product: ZenPhone
Type: Cloud VoIP System

Reviewed by:
on: July 10, 2017
Entry Price: $49/month

ZenPhone Review Summary

ZenPhone works for you and your wesbite visitors. Below is a review of ZenPhone’s service plans, trial offer and why your company should give ZenPhone a try.

Three Service Plans to Choose From

ZenPhone offers three plans: basic, plus and premium. All 3 offer no long term contracts which means you can cancel at any time. Each plans has their volume of included minutes and offer pricing per additional minute. With ZenPhone you will receive easy setup because all it takes is a little snippet of code. You keep your phones and phone numbers with ZenPhone.

Trial offer

New customers benefit from a 14-day free trial offer. During that time period, the service is setup and your international clients will be able to reach you and you will be able to monitor where your calls are coming from. As a company that stands behind the quality of their service, ZenPhone is trusted by thousand including Top10BestBusiness VOIP.

ZenPhone Review Summary

ZenPhone is revolutionizing how companies expand into international markets, make them an asset to your team’s expansion.

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