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RingCentral IntegrationRingCentral is one of the best virtual pbx service providers out there. Why? Well, it doesn’t hurt that this virtual PBX company, to quote the Beatles, gets by with a little help from its friends.

Within the past few years, RingCentral has integrated with several choice companies that have a lot to offer business owners. These three partners – a file-sharing service, an information manager, and a customer relationships management software – combine with RingCentral to make one heck of a powerhouse business phone program.

Here’s what this mix can do for you.

Box and RingCentral FaxOut

Box is a popular cloud-based file-sharing service. Based on the web, it allows users to upload files, create folders, and share them with select people. While most people use this service to share documents, music, and other files exclusively online, RingCentral customers can use Box to fax up to 50 people at a time. Forget using an old-fashioned fax machine – this is quicker and much easier than dialing 50 numbers!

Box integrates with RingCentral’s FaxOut app, which is included in any RingCentral plan. Box/RingCentral faxes look just like the traditional kind to the recipient. You can add cover pages and notes and send the document off. A slew of file types are supported to make the process even simpler.

Microsoft Outlook and RingCentral Softphone

Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager from the PC giant. It includes a calendar, address book, notebook, task manager, and other applications to help you keep organized. Like many newer applications, you can use it on your smartphone as well as on your PC.

Microsoft Outlook integrates with RingCentral SoftPhone, an app that allows calls to initiate directly from your computer. This partnership has lots of perks for users.

Caller ID: Since your RingCentral and Outlook contacts are connected, RingCentral’s auto-receptionist can announce when someone in your Outlook address book calls by stating the person’s name. If you want, you can set special answering rules for your Outlook address book (such as forwarding all Outlook contacts to a personal phone)

RingOut: If a phone number appears in one of your Outlook documents, emails, or other pages, all you have to do is click on it and you will be connected.

Email and Fax: Any Outlook document can be emailed or faxed at the touch of a button.

SalesForce and RingCentral

SalesForce is a leading customer relationship management (CRM) software that keeps track of clients, leads, calls, and other pertinent information. It integrates with the RingCentral phone system as a whole to help you serve your customers better.

The main advantage of the SalesForce/RingCentral integration is simple: better organization. Your SalesForce account contains detailed records of your call history with each client; these will automatically pop up when the customer calls.

Representatives can take notes directly on the record during the call, and these will become part of the SalesForce record for that client. Multiple SalesForce call records can be opened at once, and representatives can call directly from any SalesForce page with a single click. The whole system is seamless, easy to use, and optimized to be as effective as possible.

There is power in numbers, and RingCentral is smart enough to use other popular applications to make its service even better. Just imagine what the integration could do for your business!

To learn more about what RingCentral has to offer, read our full RingCentral Review.

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