RingCentral Mobile App Full of Fantastic Features


RingCentral Mobile AppThere’s an app for that. Actually, there are lots of apps for VoIP, and RingCentral has one of the best ones around. Chock full of advanced features, the RingCentral Mobile app can bring you free international calling, conferencing, faxing, and more. Who needs an office when you have an app like this? They even have the three people that are still using a Blackberry covered.

Here are some of the RingCentral app’s most useful features.

VoIP Calling

Perhaps the most useful part of the RingCentral app is the basic ability to make calls over the internet. With the mobile app, you can make and receive calls using your business number, and you can do so without using up any minutes with your carrier. You can even make calls while in other countries – for free. Say goodbye to those expensive travel call fees!

The mobile app has some extra features to make the calling experience better. A call quality indicator, much like the “signal bars” on a cell phone, lets you know how good your internet signal. The ability to “park” calls and pick them up at your convenience is also helpful for businesspeople who are juggling multiple activities. Users can also access the RingCentral management system through their phones.

VoIP Texting

RingCentral has its self-proclaimed ‘first business SMS service’ ever, and it is actually the first we’ve seen. With it, you can send and receive text messages using your VoIP business number. The service is free within the U.S. and Canada and includes texts to multiple recipients.

With texting quickly becoming the norm for businesses, this service can keep your employees from having to use their personal phones to text clients. For more on the RingCentral SMS service, check out our blog article on the subject.


The RingCentral Mobile app boasts several advantages in the fax department. Not only can you send faxes right from your phone, you can send them to multiple recipients at once, and you can send multiple documents in the same fax. RingCentral’s CloudFax feature even makes it possible to fax documents you have stored on the cloud in Google Drive, DropBox, or Box. Fax from anywhere, to anyone, and access files you don’t even have saved on your phone? We like.

Conference Calls

RingCentral Conferencing provides an incredible service: unlimited conferencing from any wifi-enabled device. Cue in for online meetings while on the go, even when you are abroad.

As with any RingCentral conference call, the call is held in a designated conference bridge and up to 1000 people can participate. If you want to initiate a conference call, you can do that as well just by hitting the “Join as Host” button. Send invites via email or text, and let the conference begin. In a VoIP world where many still charge for conferencing, the low cost and ease of this system can be a godsend.

The RingCentral Mobile app has other features as well, like intercom capability to other RingCentral devices. With these little extras, coupled with the strength of its calling, conferencing, texting and faxing capabilities, RingCentral’s app has a whole lot to offer business users.

To learn more about the features RingCentral has to offer, read our full RingCentral Review, or compare RingCentral to their competitors to see how they really stack up!

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