RingCentral Office vs. RingCentral Professional: The Showdown


RingCentral ReviewCloud business phone systems are all-around better than their more archaic counterparts, so getting one is a no-brainer. Choosing what product is most suited to your needs (and your budget), on the other hand, requires some thought. RingCentral, for instance, offers two virtual phone systems for businesses. Here we explore the differences between RingCentral Office and Professional so you can make the right call.

Key Features

RingCentral Professional is a more base-level product than Office. In other words, everything you get with Professional will also be included with Office.

Let’s start with the features that stand out for both products. Both Office and Professional include a number of call management features, such as auto-receptionist, call logs, call recording, and extensions. Paperless fax and free publications of your business details in directory listings are included as well.

Central Office or On-the-Go Management?

Here is where the differences begin to emerge. Office provides both incoming and outgoing phone service, whereas Professional only includes incoming services. In other words, Office is the way to go if you want to set up IP phones at one or more locations. Professional is more mobile oriented, with a simple process for routing incoming calls to employee mobile devices. As such, Professional has mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Blackberry and it can be used with any existing phone line.

Office, on the other hand, is clearly geared towards office use and connecting offices under one phone system. It allows conference calls with up to 1000 participants (!), along with innovative features such as Call Park and Intercom. Call Park “parks” both incoming and outgoing calls in the cloud, where employees can pick them up from any desk phone. Up to 50 calls can be held at a time, which gives your office quite a few extra parking spaces. Intercom, which allows instant communication between desk phones, synergizes well with Call Park because it lets employees decide who will take which call.


RingCentral provides reduced rates for loyal customers, so if you want a deal, prepare to be in it for the long haul. Unless otherwise indicated, the prices described below are for long haulers.

Professional –  Prepaid annual users receive as much as 50% off the per-month price depending on which version they choose. The most popular version of RingCentral Professional is ProPlus, which includes 1000 minutes of local, long distance, or toll-free calling and 5 phone extensions starting at $16.29/month. A simpler version called Pro is available for $8.29/month, but you miss out on a dedicated fax number, dial-by-name directory, and phone support. Pro includes 300 minutes of calling and 2 extensions, so it is only a good choice if your company is on the very small side.

Office – Similar annual discounts apply to Office. Since it is designed to accommodate larger workforces, the price per user drops as you add more employees to your RingCentral subscription. For example, a single user who subscribes to Office Premium (the most popular edition) on a per-month basis would pay $54.99; users on an annual payment plan for 100 or more users would cost as low as $29.99.

The Bottom Line

Professional is for the on-the-go entrepreneurs and employers with a reasonable number of client calls and, perhaps, remote workers. The employers can call the shots with any registered administrator device, and adding extensions and phone numbers is as easy as slapping a small fee ($3-5) on top of the monthly rate.

With Office, the larger your business is, the better deal you will receive on monthly payments. Many features included in Office may be unnecessary for those without desk phones or a high volume of incoming calls.

No matter which one you choose, though, RingCentral has your business covered. Its cloud technology is user-friendly, packed with features, and far cheaper than traditional phone systems. A no-brainer indeed.

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