RingCentral Office vs. VirtualPBX Office Plans

Ringcentral vs. Virtualpbx

RingCentral Office or VirtualPBX Office?

Updated: June 24, 2013

In this article we will compare RingCentral Office – which is RingCentral’s flagship product line with unlimited minutes and business class phones, to VirtualPBX Office Plans which also offer unlimited minutes and FREE business class VoIP phones.

You are not going to notice huge differences between these two services. That is a simple fact. Where you are going to notice the differences will be in things like customer support, their Fair Use Policies, and small fees here and there(setup fees, activation fees, fees for additional extensions, conferencing, etc).

They offer almost the identical Polycom IP phones, with RingCentral offering a few additional phones as options.

The actual phones themselves are an additional cost over and above the plan cost with RingCentral, whereas VirtualPBX offers anywhere from one to fifty free IP phones depending upon the plan you select. These phones can range in cost from $100 for your typical 2-line cubicle ready business phone, to $600 for a high end table top HD conference phone.

It is a well known fact that RingCentral’s Customer Support is outsourced and "off-shored". It is also well-known that they have struggled to revamp and retrain that customer support staff during that transition. RingCentral’s customer support has improved considerably over the last year since we last updated this article. Whereas VirtualPBX will be the first to point out that their Customer Support is based in the US and is completely in-house. This is even one of the "selling" points they list in their features.

Both merchants have a Fair Use Policy in place that insures that user will use these plans for normal business use and not abuse the plans. All VoIP services that have any kind of “unlimited” minute plan will have similar types of policies. Here is a brief over view of each:

  • In the case of VirtualPBX their Fair Use Policy is very straight forward. They provide 5,000 minutes of inbound minutes per extension, aggregated at the account level. On a 5-user plan this would be 25,000 minutes.
  • With RingCentral things get a little more complicated. "Excessive Use" means that your use exceeds the monthly minutes per line used by 98% of all RingCentral Unlimited Plan customers. Excessive Use is measured on a monthly basis. For example, if you use 7,500 minutes in one month per line and 98% of all RingCentral Unlimited Plan customers used less than 7,500 minutes that month per line, your use would constitute Excessive use and would be in violation of this Reasonable Use Policy.

So how do VirtualPBX and RingCentral Office really compare when it comes to these flat-rate/unlimited minute packages?

  RingCentral Virtualpbx
  Office Office
Free Trial 30 Day Risk Free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Better Business Bureau Rating A+ A+
Pricing 1 User: $39.99 
2-19 Users: $29.99
20-99 Users: $21.99
100+ Users: $19.99
1-3 Users: $33.99
4-9 Users: $23.99
10-19 Users: $20.99
20+ Users: $18.99
Activation Fees/Shipping Fees shipping fees for Polycom Phones:
$18.95 for 1-3 devices
$24.97 for 4-7 devices
$29.95 for 8-10 devices
one-time shipping & handling fee of $12.99 per device
Included Monthly Minutes

free unlimited in US/Canada

1,000 toll free min/mo (3.9¢/min)

free unlimited in continental
US & Canada
1,000 toll free min/mo (3.9¢/min)
Fair Use Policy? Yes – see above Yes – see above
Included Incoming Lines 1 local or toll free main company #,
1 local/toll free fax #, &
1 local # per user
1 local phone number
1 toll free number
Included Extensions 1 User – 10 extensions
4 User – unlimited
10 User – unlimited
1 extension per user 
additional extensions – $24.99/mo
Conference Calling included 100 min/mo/user included (4.9¢/min)
Vanity Number Fee $30 $25
Customer Service 24×7
(outsourced – improving)
(in-house – excellent)
Overall Rating


VirtualPBX –

As we’ve said before VirtualPBX is a very stable, reliable Virtual PBX provider. They don’t do anything without a lot of thought and planning followed by just as much testing and quality control. The release of their new flat-rate plans is no exception to this. They may not be the first one to release a new feature, but you can rest assured that when they do, it will be well thought out, extremely functional, well tested, stable, and about as bug-free as anything written by human beings can be!

VirtualPBX Office Pricing

Their flat-rate plans are a move into a space that we feel you will see more merchants moving towards(we’ve stated this before). Offering nicely "packaged" bundles for small business that want to move away from the "usage" based plans because they have more employees or heavier calling needs and who may want to purchase business class VoIP phones along with their service.

VirtualPBX even provides a nice widget on their site that helps users determine which of their plans flat rate or usage based will best meet their needs based on the number of employees they have and the average number of minutes they use per month. Very Cool! Way Helpful! Love it guys! 🙂

VirtualPBX Flat Rate Plan Key Features –

  • Unlimited Calling and Faxing in the US and Canada
  • BONUS 1000 toll-free minutes/mo (3.9¢/min after)
  • Each plan comes bundled with a toll free main company number and a local number
  • 100 conferencing min/mo/user
  • US based Customer Support
  • 2 business class Polycom IP phones to choose from, that arrive pre configured with phone numbers and extensions
  • an optional Polycom Conference phone
  • FREE VoIP phones (1 for every 2 lines)

RingCentral –

RingCentral Office

RingCentral Office provides the benefits of unlimited calling and faxing in the US and Canada, with a pricing system that is based on number of users rather than minutes. Each plan includes 1 local or toll free main company number, 1 local or toll free fax number, and 1 local number per user, and unlimited minutes with a base plan starting at $34.99/mo for 1 user. Plans go up from there to a 2 – 19 user plan for $24.99/mo per user to a 20 – 19 user plan for $21.99/mo per user and finally 100+ users for $19.99/mo per user.

RingCentral features conferencing at no additional cost, no activation or setup fees(however they bill their E911 fee, Federal and FCC charges separately where VirtualPBX includes them all in their monthly fee), and unlimited extensions on their 4 user plan and above.

RingCentral started the move to bundled flat rate plans but you will see more and more merchants going to these plans and RingCentral seeing increased competition in this space now.

RingCentral Office Key Features –

  • Unlimited Calling and Faxing in the US and Canada
  • BONUS 1000 toll-free minutes/mo (3.9¢/min after)
  • Each plan comes bundled with a toll free main company number, toll free or local fax number and a local number per user
  • no activation, setup fees or contracts
  • 4 business class Polycom IP phones to choose from, that arrive pre configured with phone numbers and extensions
  • an optional Polycom Conference phone

Bottom Line –

You really can’t go wrong with either of these merchants. Their plans are very similar and as we mentioned earlier, the key differences are more in terms of customer support – offshore versus US-based – and track record of stability and reliability, in which case VirtualPBX would definitely be well-known for it’s 99.999% uptime track record in the industry.

With RingCentral you will get a few more things like 10 extensions on the 1 user plan and unlimited extensions on the 4 user plans and above, whereas with VirtualPBX you get 1 extension per user, also with RingCentral you will get a local phone number per user, a dedicated fax line(no a big deal today with equipment being able to auto-detect if a human or fax is on the line), and unlimited free conferencing.

Like we said though both of these merchants offer very solid options in this space and it really comes down to which merchant you are more comfortable with and what your specific needs are. Is there a particular feature like ACD queuing, International numbers, or a preferences for US-based support that might tip your hand toward VirtualPBX for example? Or the desire to have unlimited extensions or a local number for each user that will push you towards RingCentral? It’s really going to come down to those kinds of issues.

Remember you have a 30 Day Risk Free Trial with RingCentral or a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee with VirtualPBX!

Visit RingCentral to learn more about RingCentral Office Plans.

Visit VirtualPBX to learn more about VirtualPBX’s Flat Rate Plans.

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