RingCentral vs. Phone.com

Ringcentral vs. Phone.com


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RingCentral or Phone.com: Which Virtual PBX for Your Business Needs?

Updated February 13, 2012 for Phone.com’s new plans and RingCentral’s new pricing.

In this article we will compare RingCentral Office – which is RingCentral’s flagship product line with unlimited minutes and business class phones, to Phone.com’s Enterprise, which also offers unlimited minutes and business class phones.

RingCentral’s Office package not only provides unlimited calling and faxing in the US and Canada, but also gives you 1 local or toll free main company number, 1 local or toll free fax number, and 1 local number per user. Combine all of this with their full feature virtual pbx, and the option to purchase actual business class IP phones from Polycom* and you now have everything necessary for a complete business phone system all in one package.

RingCentral Office is also available in Canada. (unfortunately, so far only in the US and Canada however. Sorry international users.)

The actual phones themselves are an additional cost over and above the plan cost regardless of which provider you may go with, and range in cost from $100 for your typical 2-line cubicle ready business phone, to $600 for a high end table top HD conference phone.

Whereas Phone.com’s base Enterprise plan provides 6 phones – in any combination of toll free or local and unlimited monthly minutes for faxing and calling(4 extensions). Just like with RingCentral you also get all of the features of their virtual pbx, and the option to purchase business class IP phones from Polycom, Linksys and Cisco. Phone.com’s Enterprise plan is very customizable, offering you the ability to add phone lines for $3.88/mo or additional unlimited minute extensions for $21.88/mo.

The biggest difference between the way these two plans are set up is they way they configure their pricing. With RingCentral’s Office plans, when you add a user you automatically get a local phone line for that user and an extension with unlimited minutes for anywhere from $24.99/mo to $39.99/mo depending on the plan you select. Whereas with Phone.com’s Enterprise system if you’ve already used all 6 off your lines that come with the base plan, and all 4 of the extensions, then it would cost you $21.88/mo(for the unlimited minute extension) plus $3.88/mo(for the additional phone line) for a total of $25.76. which puts them at the lower end of RingCentral’s pricing to add a user.

Phone.com’s base Enterprise plan starts at $94.88/mo and with 6 phone lines and 4 unlimited minute extensions, would put them in the same range as RingCentral’s most popular 4-19 user plan which costs $29.99/mo/user. RingCentral’s 4 user plan would give you 4 unlimited extensions and 6 phone lines for $119.96/mo.

So how do Phone.com and RingCentral Office really compare when it comes to "office" packages?

  RingCentral Phone.com
  Office Virtual Office
Free Trial 30 Day Risk Free 30 Days
BBB Rating A+ A
due to limited length of time in business
Pricing $39.99/mo/user 1-3 User
$29.99/mo/user 4-19 User
$26.99/mo 20-49 User
$24.99/mo/user 50+ Users
$94.88/mo 4 Users
$25.76/mo to add user
Activation Fees/Shipping Fees shipping fees for Polycom Phones:
$18.95 for 1-3 devices
$24.97 for 4-7 devices
$29.95 for 8-10 devices
shipping and handling fee of $9.95 per device ordered for their Polycom IP phones. 
Included Monthly Minutes

free unlimited in US/Canada

1000 Bonus toll free min/mo

Unlimited local/long distance

Unlimited Toll Free

Included Incoming Lines 1 local or toll free main company #,
1 local/toll free fax #, &
1 local # per user
6 with base plan
any combo of toll free/local
Included Extensions unlimited unlimited
Vanity Number Fee $30 Free! with Coupon Code:
Customer Service 24×7
(out-sourced – improving)
(in-house – excellent)
Overall Rating


Phone.com –

With Phone.com’s new Enterprise plan, we are happy to see they now have a packaged plan to compete with both RingCentral and VirtualPBX in the flat rate/office market space. This new offering starts with a base plan that is priced at $94.88/mo and offers 6 phone lines that you can configure in any combination of local and toll free numbers. You also get 4 unlimited minute extensions (similar to RingCentral a RingCentral 4-user plan). This prices them out very competitively with both RingCentral($119.96/mo) and VirtualPBX($95.96/mo).

Phone.com Virtual Office

Phone.com’s pricing model is slightly different from RingCentral’s and that really is the biggest difference between these two providers, when it comes to these plans. With Phone.com you get a base plan for the $94.88/mo and then if you want to add a phone line it will cost you $3.88/mo and to add an unlimited minutes extension it will cost you $21.88/mo. Whereas with RingCentral you add “users” for anywhere from $39.99/mo to $24.99/mo and you get both the phone line and the unlimited minutes extension. However, if you compare the price of phone.com’s method -$25.76 – to RingCentral’s pricing, Phone.com may end up being cheaper depending upon the RingCentral plan you select.

Another key difference is that with Phone.com you get unlimited minutes on both your local/long distance calls, as well as your toll free calls. Both RingCentral and VirtualPBX limit your toll free minutes to 1,000 per month.

Phone. provides the ability to purchase business class IP phones from Polycom, Cisco and Linksys.

Phone.com Enterprise Key Features –

  • Unlimited Local/Long Distance and Toll Free Calling
  • Up to 6 phone lines in any combination of local/toll free
  • 4 unlimited minute extensions(additional can be added)
  • no activation, setup fees or contracts
  • 4 business class IP phones to choose from, that arrive pre configured with phone numbers and extensions
  • mobile app’s
  • fully featured virtual pbx


RingCentral –

RingCentral Office

RingCentral Office provides the benefits of unlimited calling and faxing in the US and Canada, with a pricing system that is based on number of users rather than minutes. Each plan includes 1 local or toll free main company number, 1 local or toll free fax number, and 1 local number per user, and unlimited minutes with a base plan starting at $39.99/mo for 1 to 3 users. Plans go up from there to 50 plus users for $24.99/mo per user.

RingCentral Office Key Features –

  • Unlimited Calling and Faxing in the US and Canada
  • BONUS 1000 toll-free minutes/mo
  • Each plan comes bundled with a toll free main company number, toll free or local fax number and a local number per user
  • no activation, setup fees or contracts
  • 4 business class Polycom IP phones to choose from, that arrive pre configured with phone numbers and extensions
  • an optional Polycom Conference phone


Bottom Line –

We’ve outlined the key differences above, and it really does come down to the way these two approach their pricing and packaging. Their virtual pbx features are fairly similar and their customer support ratings have become similar as well. Phone.com has suffered from a sudden growth that has definitely put strains on their customer support team and they will be the first to admit they are working on improving that. Phone.com’s customer support is US based whereas RingCentral’s is not – may be worth noting.

Which merchant you go with, will really come down to personal preference and particular features that you may be looking for that one provider may offer that the other may not(such as international numbers – phone.com does, ringcentral does NOT). Also, if you are heavy into international calling, be sure to check international rates for both merchants. However, both merchants are now offering solid plans in this space and you would not go wrong with either of them, in our opinion.

Visit Phone.com to learn more about Phone.com’s Enterprise Plans.

Visit RingCentral to learn more about RingCentral Office Plans.

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  1. Michelle says

    Does phone.com have a Call Controller like Ring Central has?

    When I was looking to move from Ring Central because of their terrible call center, I checked around, & I learned that Ring Central is the only company that has that call controller.

    P.S. I’m also wondering if anyone can recommend a PBX system (I think that’s what it’s called) where I get hardware, a US number & it uses the router so I hook up a phone & make & receive calls just like with a normal phone.

    I’m with ACN now as Ring Central’s director or assistant director was rude & insulting telling me to take my business elsewhere. Even my business business, not just this PBX. They don’t like hearing negative things about their company.

    I’m not in the US & a lot of these PBX systems refuse to let you use their system outside the US or Canada which is nuts IMO.

    Any suggestions, please e-mail me.

    Thank you

    • says

      Phone.com has some functionality that is similar, but it is not nearly as extensive as RingCentral’s call controller. With RingCentral’s call controller you can do most things on the fly via your PC, like:
      – screen and route calls on the fly
      – text to speech messages to incoming calls while you are on another call or before answering
      – conference call multiple calls into one call

      With Phone.com you can send faxes, access your voicemail, and record calls, but not most of the interactive items I’ve mentioned above.

      Hope this helps,

      • says

        Hi Lynn,

        So I’ve been doing extensive research & am still getting quotes from companies we can replace Ring Central with.

        There are Call Controllers (soft phones) out there that one can purchase or that are free.

        I wrote phone.com Twice now they’ve taken a very long time to respond to my e-mails, so they are probably going to be out.



  2. says


    We are about to take the leap in converting over to VOIP with our small business. I have read hundreds of reviews and have sort of narrowed it down to either RingCentral or Nextiva. Which company and service is better in your opinion?


    • says

      Hi Randall,
      Thanks for stopping by…
      Either of these solutions are very good choices. I think it really comes down to what features you want/need.
      RingCentral will have a few more features “standard” … like outbound internet fax with their Professional Plans, where if you went with Nextiva Connect you would also have to purchase their faxing solution to get this feature. Personally, I like having the ability to send faxes right from my desk. You would get the faxing standard if you are looking at Nextiva Office, however. I’m not sure which plans you were looking at.

      You will also get more minutes with the RingCentral Professional plans, than with Nextiva Connect. And with RingCentral Office you get 1000 free toll free minutes per month… where-as with Nextiva Office all toll free minutes are billed at 2.5 cents.

      As far as customer service, I’ve had similar experiences with both companies. Some good, some bad.

      I found Nextiva a bit harder to set up. I received the phones but their documentation on how to set everything up was a bit lacking and confusing. Also when I attempted to respond to the welcome email from my account rep at Nextiva, the email bounced back to me as un-deliverable. It may be better now, this was about a year ago.

      I’ve found RingCentral’s website to be extremely helpful with troubleshooting and answering questions… even when I’ve had issues with competitors systems. 😉

      Because you are dealing with VoIP, there will be down times with any provider you select. So be prepared for this… you should have a backup plan. Or if you can’t/don’t want to deal with unexpected down times, then you should probably re-evaluate going with a VoIP solution at all.

      So really, it comes down to your business needs based on the plan you are looking at, and personal preference.

      Good Luck and Let us know if there is anything we can help you with going forward.

      Lynn and the VirtualPhoneSystemReviews Team.

  3. E. Jennings says

    Pricing has changed since this article (over 1 1/2 years ago). Ring Central is now more competitive than phone.com and has included features that phone.com and others charge for. I chose Ring Central Office and am leaving Vocalocity. This article is of little use.

    • says

      E. Jennings,

      You are correct, our article was very outdated! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We have gone ahead and updated it for both the changes RingCentral has made to their pricing and Phone.com’s new plans.

      You will find that each merchant has their “little things” they charge for, that others may/may not charge for… so be careful when you say that RingCentral has features that others charge for. For instance Phone.com offers unlimited minutes on their toll free minutes, however RingCentral only gives you 1,000 and then charges you for additional… so does VirtualPBX, and Nextiva gives you ZERO.