VoIP and Outsourcing: A Match Made in Heaven


Outsourcing, or even just working from home, is becoming the norm these days. It offers business access to an enormous and cost-effective talent pool, and offers workers access to countless job opportunities. It’s a win-win situation that is especially helpful for getting small business off the ground. The rise of outsourcing has come hand-in-hand with the rise of the internet, and, with the internet, the rise of VoIP. Coincidence? Please. VoIP, in large part, was what made working at home… Continue Reading

Numbers Don’t Lie: Impressive Stats on the VoIP Industry

VoIP Statistics

VoIP is hands-down the best communication option for businesses. It offers a level of service and professionalism that can only be had for a huge chunk of change normally. Naturally, business owners are taking note of this, and the VoIP industry is therefore exploding like your credit card bill after holiday season. Here are some stats that reveal just how much the VoIP industry is taking over the communication business. Pretty soon, we may all be making our calls over… Continue Reading