RingCentral Call Management System: Notable Features


RingCentral, one of the top Virtual Phone providers in the industry, is full of great extra features for businesses. Its sophisticated call management systems offers enough features to be a little dizzying at first glance. Here is a look at what some of these options, from call forwarding to the cryptic “answering rules,” can do for your business. Answering Rules The “answering rules” give you maximum control over what happens when customers dial in. You can set your own rules… Continue Reading

Call Screening & Call Voice Tagging Now From Phone.com

We are happy to announce the official launch of two new long awaited features from Phone.com. Call Screening and Call Tagging now round out a long list of great features available within Phone.com’s Virtual Office product line.   Once again Phone.com proves that it is responsive in listening to their customers needs and requests for additional features. * With Call Screening, once you receive a call to your Phone.com number, based on your call handling rules it can be forwarded to… Continue Reading