Must-Have VoIP Features For the Modern Business

VoIP Features

One of the main perks of VoIP is the laundry list of fancy features. There are so many that, for the first-time buyer, it can be hard to figure out which ones you actually need. Don’t make the mistake of signing up for a service that lacks a to-die-for VoIP feature. Our guide should give you some ideas of the features that will change your business for the better.   Universal Needs   Whether you are a one-worker graphic design… Continue Reading

RingCentral Mobile App Full of Fantastic Features

RingCentral Mobile App

There’s an app for that. Actually, there are lots of apps for VoIP, and RingCentral has one of the best ones around. Chock full of advanced features, the RingCentral Mobile app can bring you free international calling, conferencing, faxing, and more. Who needs an office when you have an app like this? They even have the three people that are still using a Blackberry covered. Here are some of the RingCentral app’s most useful features. VoIP Calling Perhaps the most… Continue Reading

Conference Calling Made Easy

Conference Calling Made Easy

You are in the office, your construction manager is at the building site and your client is out of the country. Decisions need to be made, deadlines need to be met, time is money and you need to speak with all of them ASAP! There is only one efficient way to get all the parties involved at once, and on the same page – and that will involve a conference call! Conference calling has become a way of life for… Continue Reading