Five Things That Make FreedomVoice Awesome

The Top 5 things that make FreedomVoice Awesome!

FreedomVoice isn’t just another virtual PBX provider. Yes, it is an industry veteran with over 30,000 customers and a focus on toll-free numbers. But this California-based company also does things that other companies just wouldn’t do, which makes it stand out a little from its virtual PBX competitors. Here are the top five reasons why FreedomVoice is pretty darn cool.   1. They Are Old  In an industry where most companies started just a few years ago, FreedomVoice is like… Continue Reading

Is Your Virtual PBX Number Portable?

Change is part of life. Companies grow, business needs change, and sometimes a switch in virtual PBX providers becomes necessary. If you find that you do need to change your virtual PBX provider – or if you are in the process of looking for a virtual PBX provider – knowing that switching providers is an option can be reassuring. And, of course, you will want to take your valuable business phone number (or numbers) with you.  When it is time to change… Continue Reading

We’ve Reviewed FreedomVoice Virtual PBX

We just finished our Review of FreedomVoice. Make sure you check it out for all the details. We find it a great provider for those looking to be able to customize a virtual pbx to their specific needs. If you have specific requirements that you are having a hard time finding a match for with other virtual pbx providers, then you may want to take a look at FreedomVoice. As FreedomVoice states, there isn’t any customization feature that’s too small… Continue Reading