Now – Chocolate Covered Grasshoppers Anyone?

There is quite a re-branding effort taking place this month over at GotVmail(oops, we mean Earlier this month they sent out FedEx packages of chocolate covered grasshoppers to the top 5,000 most “influential” people – including senators, politicians, celebrities, magazine and newspaper CEO’s, etc. In the packages, were a package of chocolate covered grasshoppers, along with a tag identifying which # out of the 5,000 packages your particular package was  – hmmm, we wonder how we would feel if… Continue Reading

GotVMail Introduces New Pricing for Unlimited Extensions

GotVMail introduced a completely new pricing model in October(2008), that now includes unlimited extensions with every plan. They are the only provider in our list of top 5 providers reviewed that has gone to this unlimited extension model. This is a very impressive move on their part. They are also only one of two providers in our top 5 compared, that now offer  multiple incoming phone lines depending upon the plan you purchase.