Make Sure Your Faxes Get to Those Who Need To See Them


With RingCentral for example, you can separate out your internet faxes by receiving fax number to go to their respective call controller, account email address, and account inbox. It’s as easy as using your extensions on your account! For example, lets say you’d like to send all the faxes for fax number (888) 444-6666 to extension 6666. It’s as simple as going to the My Settings tab. Then under the Extension column, click on the link to choose the extension –… Continue Reading

VirtualPBX Releases Outbound Internet Fax


VirtualPBX has now added outbound faxing to their internet fax portion of their virtual pbx plans. You can send 100 fax pages every month at no charge. If you need more, it’s just 5.9 cents per page. Inbound faxes use plan minutes. Inbound faxing works as it always has. Your customers send you faxes and VirtualPBX’s system automatically detects that it’s a fax and posts it to your account, where you can view them online or have them forwarded via… Continue Reading

10 Cool Features of the Best Virtual PBX’s

The growing demand for virtual phone systems has led to a rapid increase in the number of VoIP companies offering this service. A virtual phone service contains many different call management features that will allow you to handle customer calls more efficiently, while making inter-office communications easier. If you aren’t using a virtual phone system for your small business yet, consider trying one out to explore the many ways it can improve your business communications. Each company provides the same… Continue Reading Adds Text Voicemail to Email & Outbound Internet Faxing

On October 28, 2008 announced some new and exciting features that we definitely find it worth writing about. First, they’ve added Outbound Faxing to their Internet Fax offering. This is something we’ve been waiting for them to announce and something we knew they were working on! This now means that you can not only receive faxes via their service, but you can also send faxes via the click of a button. WOO HOO! Get rid of that old clunky… Continue Reading

Internet Fax – Stop! Don’t Buy That Fax Machine!

When setting up or starting a small business, the need for a fax machine seems like a no-brainer.  After all, every business requires a means to send and receive faxes. I’m going to suggest that buying that fax machine may actually not be the best choice. In todays world, you can get a fully functioning Internet Fax solution with your Virtual Phone System for no additional cost, and it’s actually going to cost you less and be easier to manage!… Continue Reading