The Dangers of VoIP Toll Fraud

VoIP Fraud

Computers have hackers. Phones have toll fraud. Yes, there are mean people out there who can hack into your VoIP system and use it to make ridiculously expensive calls. Toll fraud has been going on ever since the invention of the telephone, and it reportedly sucks up nearly $5 billion a year – over double the annual cost of credit fraud.* Here’s how this tricky scam works – and how you can prevent it. What Is Toll Fraud? Toll fraud… Continue Reading

How to Select an Office Based Virtual Phone System


First a little information on what Flat Rate Virtual Phone System plans are, and who should be considering them. What is a Flat Rate Virtual Phone System Plan? All Flat Rate plans normally include the following: two or more phone numbers unlimited local and long distance calling/faxing you normally get a specified number of toll free minutes per month (usually 1,000) one or more Free VoIP business phones or the option to purchase them rates normally broken down by number… Continue Reading

Office Plan or Professional Plan?


Many businesses will find that flat rate plans such as RingCentral Office or VirtualPBX’s Flat Rate Plans will provide them with the most savings and give them the peace of mind of knowing how much their bill will be each month, regardless of their usage. But other businesses and professionals, usually those that don’t use the phone alot, will find that usage based plans will fit their needs better – after all why pay for unlimited usage that you don’t… Continue Reading

RingCentral Office vs. VirtualPBX Office Plans


RingCentral Office: Read our Full RingCentral Office Review VirtualPBX: Read our Full VirtualPBX Review RingCentral Office or VirtualPBX Office? Updated: June 24, 2013 In this article we will compare RingCentral Office – which is RingCentral’s flagship product line with unlimited minutes and business class phones, to VirtualPBX Office Plans which also offer unlimited minutes and FREE business class VoIP phones. You are not going to notice huge differences between these two services. That is a simple fact. Where you are… Continue Reading

VirtualPBX Adds VoIP Phones and New Office Plans


VirtualPBX now offers two different options for it’s customers when purchasing a Virtual Phone System. As always they still offer their usage based plans, but now VirtualPBX also offers Flat-Rate plans that integrate VoIP phones, local & toll free phone numbers, and free long distance all in one cost effective package. Flat Rate Plans: VirtualPBX’s Flat Rate Plans are similar to the RingCentral Office plans. They offer "unlimited" local/long distance minutes, with a fair usage policy which we will get… Continue Reading