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Grab one of these Great Cyber Monday Deals! Grab one of these Awesome Cyber Monday Deals![/caption] If you are in the market for business voip, or a business phone system that won’t cost you a fortune, then take advantage of these great offers! is also offering 10% off their Home phone service for the first 6 months! Great system, and great deal! Use Coupon – 10% Off first 6 months Use Coupon Code: TenOff Get 10% off on… Continue Reading

Phone Home Or Abroad With’s Home Phone Service

Home Phone Service

Something is phoning home, and it’s not E.T. this time.’s new home phone service makes switching your home line over to VoIP a breeze in a virtual PBX world that is frequently focused on business plans. With all of the features that make VoIP service so convenient, you can consolidate your phone services into one easy-to-manage subscription. In fact,’s cutting-edge VoIP technology and 24/7 customer service has earned it a spot in the New York Enterprise Report’s 2013… Continue Reading Phones: VoIP Equipment Straight from the Provider


Virtual PBX providers generally don’t sell phones, but is an exception. Like a cell phone provider, discounts its phones (and adapters) for new customers, so it is an excellent choice if you need to stock up on VoIP equipment. To make the deal even sweeter, offers free shipping on all of its equipment. Unfortunately, the website doesn’t include a review of its wares. Which is why we wrote this article. Here you will find what others… Continue Reading

Is Your Virtual PBX Number Portable?

Change is part of life. Companies grow, business needs change, and sometimes a switch in virtual PBX providers becomes necessary. If you find that you do need to change your virtual PBX provider – or if you are in the process of looking for a virtual PBX provider – knowing that switching providers is an option can be reassuring. And, of course, you will want to take your valuable business phone number (or numbers) with you.  When it is time to change… Continue Reading to Deploy VoodooVox Caller Analytics


In a press release today, and VoodooVox annouced that they reached an agreement that will make the VoodooVox caller analytics platform available to the entire customer base. This means that customers will now have services and benefits that were previously only available to large call centers. “The phone is the most important tool for all small businesses and the Voodoovox Caller Analytics platform allows our customers to learn from their callers, not just listen to them,” said… Continue Reading