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Grab one of these Great Cyber Monday Deals! Grab one of these Awesome Cyber Monday Deals![/caption] If you are in the market for business voip, or a business phone system that won’t cost you a fortune, then take advantage of these great offers! is also offering 10% off their Home phone service for the first 6 months! Great system, and great deal! Use Coupon – 10% Off first 6 months Use Coupon Code: TenOff Get 10% off on… Continue Reading

The VoIP Call Center: A Welcome Change

Helpdesk Hotline Operators Show Call Center

Traditional call centers are downright unpleasant. There are a million dropped calls, masses of confusing equipment, and exorbitant costs involved. VoIP call centers offer up a whole new world of possibility to business owners. With top-of-the-line technology coupled with drastically reduced expenses, VoIP call centers are the way to go for businesses both big and small. Why VoIP? There are tons of reasons why VoIP is the best option for call centers. No Steep Phone Bills: VoIP calling is much… Continue Reading

RingCentral Mobile – Exclusive Discounted Pricing & Unlimited Minutes

Exclusive Discounted Pricing - RingCentral Mobile

In a special arrangement with RingCentral, we are able to offer you an extra plan that features Unlimited Minutes on both local/long distance and Toll-Free – RingCentral Pro-Unlimited.The only other virtual phone system provider that offers unlimited minutes on toll-free calls is, but their pricing is more confusing and more expensive. We are also able to offer you discounted pricing on all of the RingCentral Mobile plans – some as much as 35% off what you will find by… Continue Reading

VirtualPBX Announces NEW Plans, Pricing, and FREE Phones


Today, VirtualPBX came out with all new plans and pricing for both their usage-based and flat-rate plans. Two of the biggest changes include unlimited minutes on their new VPBX-Unlimited plan for usage-based customers and Free phones on all plans if you pay annually. Some of the other changes include: 2 Phone Numbers with ALL Plans Free Call Recording Free Conference Bridges for Each Extension Owner No more activation fee when you purchase phones Decreased per minute rates on overage minutes… Continue Reading

New Plans From!


New Look & New Plans at – All Good Things for Customers! rolled out a whole new look and feel to their website over the weekend. We have to say that we definitely like the new look! It is much more streamlined, and makes it quite a bit easier for customers to find what they are looking for. You can now easily compare available plans and features by plan and group. also revamped their services, and added… Continue Reading