RingCentral: Not Your Average Business Voicemail


“Hello, you have reached the most boring business voicemail ever. Please leave a message.” Typical, right? Voicemail is not generally considered exciting. But with RingCentral, voicemail actually deserves a second look. RingCentral’s comprehensive voicemail system is helpful every step of the way. From recording the perfect greeting to organizing your inbox, they’ve got it all figured out. Greet Them Right One of the many advantages of VoIP is the ability to present a polished auto-attendant voicemail system with multiple extensions…. Continue Reading

RingCentral Call Management System: Notable Features


RingCentral, one of the top Virtual Phone providers in the industry, is full of great extra features for businesses. Its sophisticated call management systems offers enough features to be a little dizzying at first glance. Here is a look at what some of these options, from call forwarding to the cryptic “answering rules,” can do for your business. Answering Rules The “answering rules” give you maximum control over what happens when customers dial in. You can set your own rules… Continue Reading

RingCentral Office vs. RingCentral Professional: The Showdown

RingCentral Office or RingCentral Professional?

Cloud business phone systems are all-around better than their more archaic counterparts, so getting one is a no-brainer. Choosing what product is most suited to your needs (and your budget), on the other hand, requires some thought. RingCentral, for instance, offers two virtual phone systems for businesses. Here we explore the differences between RingCentral Office and Professional so you can make the right call. Key Features RingCentral Professional is a more base-level product than Office. In other words, everything you… Continue Reading

RingCentral Slashes RingCentral Mobile Prices


RingCentral announced another round of significant pricing changes to their RingCentral Mobile plans today. Along with these pricing changes they’ve also gone back to a 4-plan RingCentral Mobile model – introducing a new plan they are calling "RingCentral Mobile ProBusiness". With these changes you can now get RingCentral Mobile for less than $9/month if you pay annually, and even if you pay monthly, you can still get it for less than $10/month! On the high end of the RingCentral Mobile… Continue Reading

RingCentral – Exciting Changes To RingCentral Mobile Plans

More Minutes, Unlimited Extensions, Lower Per Minute Rates For Additional Minutes! RingCentral announced today that they have made some changes to their RingCentral Mobile plans that should continue to position them competitively within the virtual pbx space. They have increased the minutes on all of the mobile plans, reduced the per minute rates for additional minutes, and gone to unlimited extensions on all plans except the lowest “pro” plan. One thing we will warn you about right off the bat… Continue Reading