Service Outage – Technical and PR Nightmare


On Tuesday, June 7, 2011 experienced a severe outage that lasted for more than 2 days. For it was not only a major technical disaster but also a PR nightmare! One thing is for sure, there will be many lessons learned from this “disaster” – on both the technical and PR sides. At the very start of the problem, no communication went out to customers notifying them of the problem. This was most likely due to the… Continue Reading

RingCentral System Wide Service Outage 9/15/2010

On September 15, RingCentral experienced a system-wide service outage that impacted their customers for hours, and affected its entire customer base. The outage was explained on their Facebook page as follows: “This morning we experienced a failure of our primary database system. This failure also unexpectedly impacted our backup database. We implemented our disaster recovery system in order to restore your connectivity. The root cause of the failure is currently under investigation here at RingCentral, as well as escalated at… Continue Reading