VirtualPBX Announces NEW Plans, Pricing, and FREE Phones


Today, VirtualPBX came out with all new plans and pricing for both their usage-based and flat-rate plans. Two of the biggest changes include unlimited minutes on their new VPBX-Unlimited plan for usage-based customers and Free phones on all plans if you pay annually. Some of the other changes include: 2 Phone Numbers with ALL Plans Free Call Recording Free Conference Bridges for Each Extension Owner No more activation fee when you purchase phones Decreased per minute rates on overage minutes… Continue Reading

Does Unlimited Really Mean Unlimited?


Recently this question has come up over and over again as a topic of discussion and at times a very heated one at that! So we decided to dig a little deeper and see what we could find out. Well, you may just be surprised at what we found… but then again maybe not, if you are truly doing your due diligence and reading your Terms of Service agreements. 😉 Are you? The TOS is the service contract between you… Continue Reading

Ring Central Introduces RingCentral Office with Unlimited Minutes!

Did I just say Unlimited Minutes? Yes, I did! RingCentral recently revamped their plans a bit, and converted their top two plans into what they are now calling RingCentral Office. Add to that a third level plan with up to 8 incoming lines, and they have created a complete business office phone system with everything a small to mid sized business needs. If you are looking for a small business phone system where you need multiple incoming lines, multiple local… Continue Reading