New Year, New Business Phone System

VoIP 2014

It’s that time of year: people are making their optimistic lists of New Year’s resolutions. Lose weight, spend more time with family, get a raise – all lofty goals that may or may not be met in the coming year. Do you want to set some realistic goals for your business in 2014? Your business phone system – a hub of activity – is a great place to start. Here are some resolutions that are the perfect way to ring… Continue Reading – Grasshopper – VirtualPBX – Cyber Monday Coupons 2013 VirtualPBX Grasshopper CyberMonday Coupons

Grab one of these Great Cyber Monday Deals! Grab one of these Awesome Cyber Monday Deals![/caption] If you are in the market for business voip, or a business phone system that won’t cost you a fortune, then take advantage of these great offers! is also offering 10% off their Home phone service for the first 6 months! Great system, and great deal! Use Coupon – 10% Off first 6 months Use Coupon Code: TenOff Get 10% off on… Continue Reading

VirtualPBX Parachute: The Ultimate Backup Business Phone System

virtualpbx parachute disaster recovery system

No matter how much time you spend fortifying your small business, it is not immune to disaster. If Mother Nature feels like knocking your office building down, for example, she may well succeed. And even little issues, like broken equipment or a downed cable, can spell out major losses for your business. Luckily, some virtual PBX providers have considered this and come up with a solution. VitualPBX, a highly accredited virtual PBX provider, has a special service called VirtualPBX Parachute… Continue Reading

Is Your Virtual PBX Number Portable?

Change is part of life. Companies grow, business needs change, and sometimes a switch in virtual PBX providers becomes necessary. If you find that you do need to change your virtual PBX provider – or if you are in the process of looking for a virtual PBX provider – knowing that switching providers is an option can be reassuring. And, of course, you will want to take your valuable business phone number (or numbers) with you.  When it is time to change… Continue Reading

VirtualPBX Announces NEW Plans, Pricing, and FREE Phones


Today, VirtualPBX came out with all new plans and pricing for both their usage-based and flat-rate plans. Two of the biggest changes include unlimited minutes on their new VPBX-Unlimited plan for usage-based customers and Free phones on all plans if you pay annually. Some of the other changes include: 2 Phone Numbers with ALL Plans Free Call Recording Free Conference Bridges for Each Extension Owner No more activation fee when you purchase phones Decreased per minute rates on overage minutes… Continue Reading