Launches New 100% Automated Text Voicemail Service has had a text voicemail service for quite some time, but it involved having the voicemails manually transcribed from voice to text by a human being. With that service you only got the first minute of the message, and each transcription cost you 25¢. Although this service is still available and an option for those who want it, has now launched an optional, fully automated voicemail message transcription service that will deliver your voicemails as emails to your… Continue Reading

New Unlimited Voice to Text from Grasshopper

Grasshopper recently announced its newest feature—Unlimited Voice to Text. This Voice to Text feature will let you stay connected even if you can’t listen to your voicemail. It will take your voicemail and transcribe it into an email, allowing you to read the transcription of your voicemail on your phone or your computer anytime without having to listen to it. So noisy places or situations aren’t a problem anymore! The new Unlimited Voice to Text feature is available to all… Continue Reading