Top Professional Virtual Phone Systems


The Top 5 Professional Virtual Phone Systems

Professional virtual phone system plans are great for that busy professional, consultant, or business owner who is always on the go. With professional virtual phone system plans you can easily route inbound calls to any existing phone – cell, home, or other (maybe a client site, for example). With professional plans you only pay for the minutes you use. The entry for these type of plans is normally very low – as low as $7.99/month in some cases – making them very affordable for the person who isn’t in the office. Finding the best professional virtual phone system can be an overwhelming task, however. Plans and the number of minutes and standard features included in these plans can vary greatly by provider.

The good news is that we have completed all the research and testing for you, and provided a list of the top 5 professional virtual phone systems with detailed reviews to make it easy for you. We choose professional virtual phone systems that offer the best features, are easy to use and setup, provide the best quality-to-price ratio, have great customer service, and are widely recognized in their industry.

RingCentral Professional


We offer discounted pricing to get you in at a significant savings. Advanced features and competitive pricing make RingCentral a top choice.

Plans From: $829 per month


Offering several plans to meet any need. Starting at 300 minutes going up to unlimited. Combined with advanced features, competitive pricing, and outstanding customer service. Review

Plans From: $999 per month Sale Limited Time Offer of a 2nd Number Free!

VirtualPBX AnyWhere


Professional plans from the the “grand-daddy” of virtual phone systems. Advanced features, competitive pricing, as well as security and reliability make VirtualPBX a top contender.
VirtualPBX Review

Plans From: $799 per month
VirtualPBX Sale Limited Time Offer of 1 Month Free!



Grasshopper offers a simple, no-frills service that allows that busy professional that is always on the go, to always be connected to his customers. Competitive pricing, varying minute sized plans, and no long term contracts to get discounted pricing.
Grasshopper Review

Plans From: $1200 per month

Grasshopper Sale Limited Time Offer of $75 Off!

Nextiva Connect


Never miss another call with Nextiva Connect. Great features, outstanding customer service and an unconditional money back guarantee set Nextiva apart from their competitors.
Nextiva Review

Plans From: $895 per month

Additional Professional Virtual Phone Systems



With FreedomVoice you are able to customize a plan with the features that are most important to you – allowing you to pay for the features you want and not for the ones you don’t.
Freedomvoice Review

Plans From: $995 per month



eVoice offers basic features, with three main plan offerings. If you are a small business with limited needs then eVoice may be a good option for you.
eVoice Review

Plans From: $995 per month

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