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Office Plans

Hosted PBX Office Plans Do you need to to connect multiple offices? Maybe you need to connect employees working remotely? Aren’t sure what features you really need? In any case, we have several informative articles you help you along the way. Start out by checking out our How to Select an Office Based Hosted PBX Guide. Then check out our Hosted PBX Terms and Definitions to understand what all the lingo in the Hosted PBX world means.

Professional Plans

Hosted PBX Professional PlansWhether you are a traveling professional, or maybe an business owner who is out of the office more than he or she is in it, you are exactly the type of person who can benefit from a Hosted PBX Professional Plan. Professional Plans allow you to set up incoming call handling rules that will forward calls in any number of different ways. Or in most cases you can set up a find-me-follow me rule that will locate you no matter where you are. You can start by reading through our Coolest Features of Business VoIP to get a glimpse of some of the features you could benefit from.


Not sure which provider to go with? Want to compare providers side by side and feature by feature? We allow you to compare Office plans seperately from Professional Plans so that you are truly comparing apples to apples.

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