VirtualPBX Announces NEW Plans, Pricing, and FREE Phones


VirtualPBXToday, VirtualPBX came out with all new plans and pricing for both their usage-based and flat-rate plans. Two of the biggest changes include unlimited minutes on their new VPBX-Unlimited plan for usage-based customers and Free phones on all plans if you pay annually.

Some of the other changes include:

  • 2 Phone Numbers with ALL Plans
  • Free Call Recording
  • Free Conference Bridges for Each Extension Owner
  • No more activation fee when you purchase phones
  • Decreased per minute rates on overage minutes

The new Flat Rate Plans give them the best pricing and some of the lowest per minute rates for overage minutes of all the merchants we review – especially when you add in the fact that you will get anywhere from 1 to 4 free phones, depending upon the plan you select.

VirtualPBX New Usage-Based Plans

Their Flat Rate Plans remain very competitive with the other merchants we review, and actually become a better deal when you again consider the free phones you get with any plan. (The free phones range from 1 to 10 based on plan purchased.)

VirtualPBX New Flat-Rate Plans

We feel VirtualPBX has gone above and beyond with these changes to now offer plans with great features and functionality, extremely competitive pricing, and several great free bonuses to boot!

To learn more about VirtualPBX read our detailed VirtualPBX Review or compare them side-by-side with other merchants.

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