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virtual-pbx-parachuteNo matter how much time you spend fortifying your small business, it is not immune to disaster. If Mother Nature feels like knocking your office building down, for example, she may well succeed. And even little issues, like broken equipment or a downed cable, can spell out major losses for your business.

Luckily, some virtual PBX providers have considered this and come up with a solution. VitualPBX, a highly accredited virtual PBX provider, has a special service called VirtualPBX Parachute that deals with this very issue. Parachute is a backup phone system that can keep your company running even when your main phone system is down.

When It Works

According to VirtualPBX, its Parachute service kicks in “if your on-site PBX fails or if your place of business is inaccessible.” Robberies, power outages, wormholes that open up directly under your office… it’s all covered. Basically, the VirtualPBX Parachute service is available any time you need it.

How It Works

VirtualPBX explains Parachute best:

In the event of phone system failure, incoming calls can be automatically or manually redirected to the PBX Parachute Service. Calls can then be sent to predetermined alternate locations, such as cell phones, branch offices, or anywhere outside the affected site. By mirroring your existing phone system to alternate phones, callers are unaffected and may never know there was a problem with your premise-based system.

The concept is simple. Say you own a small company with five employees, and your office phone lines are down on a work day. You could use VirtualPBX Parachute to reroute customer calls to your employee’s cell phones, then ask said employees to work from home. No lost revenue, no disappointed customers – no harm done. And, since your whole system is virtual, customers will still be greeted by your regular menus, hold music, and other extras.

Why You Need It

It’s nice that this service is available, but do you really need it? The answer is an unequivocal yes, for several reasons.

Disasters Happen: According to VirtualPBX, 43% of businesses experience some serious communication disaster at some point. And there’s no telling what percent of businesses experience less severe communication disasters (100% probably experience power outages).

Disasters are Expensive: One day with no phones costs the average 500-person company nearly $100,000, sources suggest. Even if your company isn’t that large, you are losing potential business every time there is a problem with your phone line, not to mention wasted salary for your employees.

Disasters Make You Look Bad: You may know that a tree fell through your office building, but your clients do not. So if they try to call you and nothing happens, you look unprofessional. This may cause existing clients to drop you, or cause potential clients to lose interest. If you have VirtualPBX Parachute, you can avoid this situation entirely.

VirtualPBX does not offer a fixed price for Parachute, since the cost depends on the size of the company. However, the service is apparently reasonable, and VirtualPBX points out that it costs far less than losing a client in most cases. So if you’re not protected from phone issues yet and are a VirtualPBX customer, consider adding Parachute now. You may be thanking your lucky stars that you did soon.

Learn more about VirtualPBX’s Parachute offering.

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