VirtualPBX Releases Outbound Internet Fax


VirtualPBXVirtualPBX has now added outbound faxing to their internet fax portion of their virtual pbx plans. You can send 100 fax pages every month at no charge. If you need more, it’s just 5.9 cents per page. Inbound faxes use plan minutes.

Inbound faxing works as it always has. Your customers send you faxes and VirtualPBX’s system automatically detects that it’s a fax and posts it to your account, where you can view them online or have them forwarded via email.

Now with outbound faxing you can upload your documents to your Virtual PBX online fax library and send as needed. The library stores your documents so you can send them again without the hassle or delay of additional uploads that you get from other online fax products. It’s perfect for common forms that you send repeatedly. VirtualPBX’s outbound Fax will also keep an online fax history so you can find what you’ve sent previously.

This rounds out VirtualPBX’s feature list extremely well and fills in the last real missing piece of the puzzle for features as far as we are concerned. For customers that are doing tons of online marketing, people may say they would like to see them come out with “click to call” buttons and more features for web site managers, and I agree that would be nice. But over-all their features are strong, and their service is strong, reliable, and secure. They are a top-notch provider with most features a customer will want.

Be sure to check out VirtualPBX and their new Outboud Internet Fax.


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