The VoIP Call Center: A Welcome Change


Helpdesk Hotline Operators Show Call CenterTraditional call centers are downright unpleasant. There are a million dropped calls, masses of confusing equipment, and exorbitant costs involved. VoIP call centers offer up a whole new world of possibility to business owners. With top-of-the-line technology coupled with drastically reduced expenses, VoIP call centers are the way to go for businesses both big and small.

Why VoIP?

There are tons of reasons why VoIP is the best option for call centers.

No Steep Phone Bills: VoIP calling is much cheaper than traditional calling on domestic and international fronts alike. Many VoIP call center plans are unlimited within the U.S. and Canada – that alone can whittle your monthly bill down significantly. If you have frequent international dealings as well, look into metered or even unlimited plans for other countries that some providers offer.

No Complicated Equipment: All VoIP requires is an internet connection. There is no need for extra phone cables, nor is there any setup (or the fees involved) required. If you eventually need to relocate your offices, you can simply pack up and take your stuff with you without worrying about paying for the transfer or informing your phone company.

Professional: With VoIP, it’s easy to appear highly professional, even if your company is on the small side. Auto-attendants, sophisticated menus, call forwarding, and other features typical for VoIP call center plans are comparable to those used by Fortune 500 companies.

High Tech: VoIP technology boasts some advantages you probably haven’t even considered. Mobile apps for call forwarding, voicemail-to-email-conversion, a robot that cleans the call room – it’s all here (except for that last one).

Flexible: Highly qualified candidates have traditionally balked at some call center jobs, but with VoIP, you can appeal to the staff you want by offering flexibility. Working from home can be a big incentive to get some of the best workers on your phone lines. Since VoIP operates off of an internet connection, your callers can log in from anywhere with bandwidth. And, with the help of VoIP call center software, you can keep an eye on them and even listen in on their calls.

Making the Switch

If you are thinking of starting a VoIP call center or converting your existing call center to VoIP, you are going to want to consider a few things.

1. Pick A Provider. First of all, find the right VoIP provider for you. Each one offers different pricing plans, areas of coverage, and features, and you will want to choose one that fits your operations well. Make sure you pick a plan that supports Call Center activity. Most “unlimited minute” plans specifically state they are not intended for call centers. So make sure you pick a provider and plan that will accommodate your needs.

2. Buy VoIP Phones. Once you’ve made a preliminary choice of provider, call the company. Ask what equipment they would recommend purchasing. Phones make specifically for VoIP work best with internet calls and support the most features, so you may want to invest in VoIP phones for each calling station. Be sure to ask which ones are compatible with headsets and have high-quality built-in amplifiers.

3. Acquire Sufficient Bandwidth. As for bandwidth, the amount you will need depends on the number of agents and phones you have, as well as the volume of calls you can expect to receive on your busiest days. There are a variety of internet plans for business that can support even the largest of VoIP systems. Just make sure you have enough bandwidth in place before you implement your new system.

With a little VoIP magic, your call center will be cheap, effective, and oh-so-much-better than the average calling room. Come back next week for a deeper look at the innovative features VoIP call center technology proffers.

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