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We just finished our Review of FreedomVoice. Make sure you check it out for all the details.

We find it a great provider for those looking to be able to customize a virtual pbx to their specific needs. If you have specific requirements that you are having a hard time finding a match for with other virtual pbx providers, then you may want to take a look at FreedomVoice. As FreedomVoice states, there isn’t any customization feature that’s too small or too big for then.

FreedomVoice however may not be a good fit for those that are just looking for a well-rounded virtual pbx system with one flat monthly fee. Some of the features that you will find standard with the other virtual pbx providers, you may end up paying extra for with FreedomVoice.  Also if you are going to need a  local number along with your toll free number, it will cost you an additional $10/month over the plan price you select. With FreedomVoice you get one toll free number standard with any plan, then to add additional toll free lines is $5/month/each and to add local numbers it is $10/month/each.

FreedomVoice is now a single-leg billed system for all calls within the U.S.  This means you will only pay for the time the customer is actually connected to you, not for the incoming leg to the pbx.  The one exception to this are calls placed in Canada to a Canadian number – these are still billed via the 2-leg method.

So, be sure to read our complete FreedomVoice Review, and then Compare FreedomVoice side-by-side to the other top Virtual PBX providers. If you like what you see, then be sure to sign up!

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  1. Kelly says

    TERRIBLE, BUYER BEWARE. I have never posted a negative review in my life. Freedom voice is the first company that has frustrated me so much with their false promises and fraud. There is nothing more unprofessional than having your customers complain that their calls are being dropped or going straight to voice mail without the opportunity to answer. Used them for a long time and constantly had issues but customer service kept telling me the issues were resolved. On top of that we had fraud on our account that they would not cover. Wish there were candid reviews before I ported my numbers over freedom voice. Save your time and money and find another provider.

  2. Hoy Henry says

    This is a company that just can’t seem to get their act together. Everyone from the Owner down to the technical support reps and even the billing department has huge problems supporting customers, getting billing straight or even trying to rectify the situation when they have made blatant and re-occurring mistakes. Besides all of that their service is shotty and unreliable.