Who’s Using Grasshopper?

grasshopper_logo-200Grasshopper is like the creative middle child of the virtual PBX world. Rather than focusing on traditional offices and larger businesses, Grasshopper’s approach caters especially well to small startups with only one or two employees. This might be why they serve such an eclectic and interesting group of clients.

The Grasshopper Approach

Grasshopper lets its users take care of business through any phone, most notably cell phones. When a customer calls that business number, they will have no idea it’s your iPhone ringing. Grasshopper comes will all of the advantages of a virtual PBX: big-business grade automated menus and call forwarding, for example. This helps even the newest startups put their best foot forward, giving a jumpstart to their businesses. While other virtual PBX providers can also provide forwarding to cell phones, Grasshopper sets itself apart by making out-of-office mobility its focus.

Who’s Using Grasshopper?

This unique approach to virtual PBX has attracted Grasshopper some interesting clients. Here are some of the more varied examples, all with five employees or less.

Special Baby Shower Gifts (retail): With just two business partners involved, Special Baby Shower Gifts offers a carefully selected inventory of baby clothes and gifts designed by moms. Caryn Stewart and Jamie Tatum, mothers themselves, run their website from Crosby, Texas. To make searching for baby shower gifts easier, these ladies organize their products by baby shower theme, including camo baby shower, organic baby shower, and even rock star baby shower.

Malbec Symphony (tours): This Mendoza, Argentina-based company gives specialty wine tours under the direction of wine expert Julian Dlouhy. With tours in various languages, including Portuguese, German, French, and English, Malbec Symphony frequents wineries in San Juan, Patagonia, and Salta, among other cities. Its four employees organize and run tours for wine clubs, tourists, and even wedding parties. You can bet that involves a lot of phone calls!

FunShine Entertainment (clowns): FunShine Entertainment consists of a collection of four clowns – Sunshine, Starburst, Buckeye, and Bubble Bee – who specialize in entertaining children at family-friendly events in the Houston area. Sunshine, whose real-world alter ego is company founder Oretta Ollison, has been working with children for 15 years and has run several workshops on clowning. FunShine Entertainment has performed at public school districts, libraries, and medical centers, among other locations.

Municibid (auctions): Government agencies often end up with lots of stuff to sell from forfeitures and other circumstances. This Philadelphia company and its five employees work to make auctioning off those items comfortable for all parties involved. Its large inventory of items (which include cars, farm equipment, and even scrap) sell in auctions starting at $1.

Slate NYC (cleaning service): Slate NYC is an eco-conscious laundry service based in the Big Apple. Its five full-time employees coordinate the pickup, laundering, and delivery of 5000 customers’ clothes. Slate NYC also offers house cleaning services and bitingly refreshing website content.

Renegade Nutrition (supplements): This Nova Scotia-based site, which has two employees, supplies nutrition supplements from two supplement brands: Advanced Genetics and PureForce Nutrition. All of its products are pharmaceutical grade and address areas ranging from joint strength to weight loss.

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