Why Should I Use a Virtual PBX for my Business?


dreamstime_xs_27914577The telephone first saw the light of day way back in the 1800s. After 160 years and counting, callers are definitely due for an upgrade. If you are setting up a new business, therefore, you should consider a virtual PBX.

What is a Virtual PBX?

“Virtual PBX” stands for virtual private branch exchange. Almost every business has some type of PBX, which connects phones, modems, and fax lines within a business to outside providers. A virtual PBX connects phones, fax machines, and other equipment to an internet-based network. Basically, PBX is to a virtual PBX what your grandpa’s phone is to Skype.

What is So Great About a Virtual PBX?

There are many notable advantages to using a virtual PBX.

Cost. Most virtual PBX phone plans cost just a fraction of what other phone plans charge. For $20-$35 per month, you can get unlimited domestic and international calling. That is unbeatable for a small business with international customers or remote workers. For some perspective on the matter, mobile companies sometimes charge over a dollar per minute for international calls.

Virtual PBX plans have your toll free calling needs covered as well. Some virtual PBX providers offer unlimited toll free calls, while others charge just pennies per minute.

Compatibility: With a virtual PBX, it’s easy to add an automated phone answering system to your number, as well as services like conference calling and transfers. CTI systems that allow you to see customer information and prioritize incoming calls are also compatible with a virtual PBX. Furthermore, you can get sophisticated statistics on calls using cloud-based analytics software.

Room to Grow: One of the most convenient things about a PBX phone system is its ability to move and grow with your business. If you move to a new office, there’s no need to change your phone number of notify your provider; you can just pick up your phone, put it in the moving crate with your other office supplies, and cart it over to your new locations.

Similarly, expanding your company is child’s play with a virtual PBX. When you hire more employees, you can purchase more phones and add them to your current plan. Your pre-installed automated phone answering system can help direct customers to the appropriate party.

You can even have phones in different locations – or countries – connected to your network, so if you have personnel in remote places, their phones will be directly linked to the ones in your office. When you travel, don’t forget to take a phone with you so you can stay on the office network.

Automatic Updates: Virtual PBX systems are run by VoIP companies that update their service through the cloud. Since your system is constantly connected to this network, you will automatically receive the most up-to-date features available.

Virtual PBX systems are the upgraded version of standard phone system: they are sophisticated, flexible and, perhaps most importantly, very inexpensive. So when you are ready to enlist a phone provider for your small business, go with a virtual PBX for the best deal. After all, analog phones are so last century.

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